Grocery Exchange, kiwi | Sensation in the comfort of Easter

Grocery Exchange, kiwi |  Sensation in the comfort of Easter

Easter is approaching, and we’ve been testing where Easter rest is cheaper. Their online newspaper cart consists of 30 items with barbecue food, cold cuts, Easter juice, and of course solo classics, quick lunches, and oranges.

You can get an Easter treat cheaper at Kiwi – just over a kroner cheaper than Extra.

– This is the usual picture. Once again, it’s one crucial product, and it decides who will win, and who will get silver, bronze, and fourth place. Austin Voros, professor of economics at the Norwegian School of Management, told Netavisen.

If the range of products is different, for example, Solo is not included in the test, the site may look different, the economics professor points out

Read the full test in the box.

Oda went into a sensation with Solo

The price result shows that Oda is the loser in the test. The cart is about 60 kr cheaper at Kiwi. Extra came in second place and Rema 1000 in third place.

About price test

  • Prices are verified 05.04 in Oslo.
  • The online newspaper examined shelf and cash prices.
  • At different prices, the price at checkout is included in the test.

– We’re the ones who pushed prices down until Easter. We were the first to cut Easter prices on Monday, March 21st. In recent weeks, we have lowered the prices of hundreds of items. Kiwi prices in March are much lower than they were in March last year, and we expect this to have an impact on the CPI for food and beverages coming on Monday.

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Kristin Akvaj Arvin, Director of Communications at Kiwi, tells Nettavisen.

Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Extra have a promotional price for four 1.5 liter cans solo. Oda is the only one that doesn’t offer the same promotional price – it gives Norway’s only low priced jumbo online chain.

If one ignores Nettavisen’s comparison of Oda’s four-pack Solo with the competitor’s four-pack, Oda would have had the lowest price in the cart, says Tor Erik Aag, Oda’s Commercial Director.

Return to the additional series

Oda admits it’s boring to lose the price test, and promises he’ll get a four-pack with the Solo show at Easter next year.

– Oda has been ranked #1 in the VG food exchange for Easter merchandise, and we recently won our Easter merchandise price comparison at Nettavisen earlier this week. Now there’s a price comparison of two different products that we’re losing out on, we’ve learned from that, Oda asserts.

So far, Oda has mainly delivered to eastern Norway towards the Swedish borders, Hafjell and Kongsberg. Aag says they will expand south towards Kristiansand.

Who is the biggest competitor to traditional low-priced chains?

– We compete and compete with everyone, whether in price with lower price chains or in choice with supermarkets like Meny. He says only the largest Meny stores have a larger selection of Oda’s.

Despite the defeat, economics professor Foros believes that Oda has become a strong competitor to traditional low-price chains. It also notes that Oda won the Nettavisen price test earlier this week and exchanged food at VG. The economics professor believes that Nettavisen’s result is crucial for eXtra to continue to be viewed among the lower price chains.

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– This test shows a small return for the Extra series. It is important for them to show that they are also fighting for customers. Foros believes that the price difference between Kiwi and Extra is minimal, and notes:

– Additional product previously appeared poorly over time. In this test, they showed they’re in the prix fix again, he says.

– I can assure both our clients, who own us, and Professor Foroch that the Extra Gang gets up in the morning and dangles in the rings to keep the prices as low as possible. That’s what this price test confirms, says Harald Christiansen in Cobb, to Netavizen.

The economics professor believes that the kiwi’s victory is important in order to maintain credibility that they are a price pressure factor in the market.

He confirms that Kiwi and Rema 1000 define themselves only on price. Then it is important that you keep what you promised.

“If you say you are the cheapest, the credibility is that you are actually doing it,” he says.

For Oda as a competitor, Foros thinks they still cover too little of the country for traditional low-price chains to fear.

After Nettavisen wrote this issue, many chains changed their prices. Kiwi, among other things, has slashed the prices of Easter chocolate and Easter foam. The ongoing price war on popular Easter items isn’t over yet – and here’s just to keep up.

All prices have been converted in italics.

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