Grocery, juice | Take action to stop ridiculous juice sales: “naughty” sellers are exposed here

Grocery, juice |  Take action to stop ridiculous juice sales: "naughty" sellers are exposed here

This year, as last year, people are trying to sell “light ice cream” at the price of blood.

Ahead of Christmas last year, Orkla released the Fun Light juice news with a tasting of Christmas soda. The product was only available in Rema 1000 and Coop stores, and it didn’t take long for 83,000 bottles of juice to be torn off store shelves.

– The reception Fun Light Julebrus received last year was very impressive. We knew it was good, but we were surprised by the sheer popularity. It’s always exciting to release new flavors, so naturally it was great that many loved the news, Director of Communications Ann Gimmdahl tells Nettavisen.

Many saw their average earning a few extra bucks on the popular juice, and at, the Christmas smoothie was out for a big buck.

Then the newspaper wrote online about individuals who put up a new Christmas soda juice for between 100 and 1000 kroner on

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Same procedure as last year

Also this year, people saw their average earning a few extra kroner on a successful juice resale.

At the time of writing, there have been 20 juice ads. The price level is somewhat lower than last year, but if you wish, you can spend 400 kroner on a bottle. The cheapest juice at costs 60 kroner.

“A delicious evening of fun is back in some stores. Can’t wait to get to your store? Send a message if you’re ready to get in the Christmas spirit with a whole new juice,” reads the ad.

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One of those who took the opportunity to earn a few extra crowns on the juice success is one Trøndelag Nettavisen spoke to. He has stored up to 60 bottles of Christmas soda juice.

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– 1000-3000 per bottle

He will get 5,000 crowns for 36 bottles in total, but he also sells individual bottles.

– I sold six bottles last week for between 1,000 and 3,000 crowns each, the man claims to Nettavisen.

He says he gets very little money selling the bottles well above market price.

But the market decides. The man says: If people are able to pay 3000 crowns for a bottle of juice, that’s fine.

The online newspaper knows the identity of the juice seller, but he does not want to mention his name.

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For fun

He says this is the first time he has tried to resell the coveted merchandise on

– I spent about 2,500 kroner in total, so after selling a bottle for 3000 kr, I was already a plus, the juice seller tells Nettavisen.

He himself does not think juice is anything special.

– I don’t understand why people are so wild then, but perhaps it would be better to add CO2, speculates one of the Trondelag residents.

He’s not afraid his business concept is falling apart now that Orkla has announced a sevenfold increase in production.

– It’s good that they increase production, I do it just for fun, says the man.

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double production

Because since people left home after the red juice last year, Orkla has prepared much better this year. To quench the thirst of the Christmas soda-drinking population in Norway, they have thus increased production.

Seven times the number of juice bottles processed this year. According to the plan, nearly half a million bottles will be sold before Christmas.

It can not be confirmed by Finn sales

Orkla director of communications Anne Gjemdal says that this year they hope to produce enough juice, so consumers can make ends meet by shopping in stores.

What do you think of people posting bottles on at such high prices?

That people try to make money selling juice on Finn is out of our control. But we think we’ve produced enough this year, so anyone who wants to buy a Fun Light Christmas soda at the store can buy before Christmas, says Gjemdal.

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