Guaranteed Quality Audio with Cam Audio – Builder

Guaranteed Quality Audio with Cam Audio - Builder

To reduce sound transmission from room to room, be sure to isolate the sound from room to room. But even with the right solutions, sound finds its way into cracks and holes in masonry. This is a good collaboration and the sound camera comes into the picture.

The best possible acoustic conditions

There are always noise reduction requirements in buildings, says Steinar Nygård, area manager at Rockfon, and by using an audio camera, they help clients fine-tune these requirements:

The sound camera helps our customers find sound leaks in construction. It is an important tool that focuses on small installation errors, thus it will be easier to adhere to the sound requirements specified in the project.

The sound usually finds its way around lamps, ventilation, or poorly installed walls. Steinar tells Nygård and continues:

– That’s why we use an audio camera to control the quality of the building’s construction. It is always in our best interest to ensure the correct use of our products, not least in the best possible acoustic conditions. This is why we also use this tool to train new roof mechanics.

– We want to be a close partner and guarantee high quality on construction projects, thus contractors get happy clients.

Professionalism in several stages

At the new refugee arrival center in Råde, an audio camera from Rockfon has been used. Inger Hansen, Project Manager at System 1 AS says:

– The access center had a very poor construction, thus it was convenient to use the audio camera in this project. Together with approx. Rockfon 3,000 sq m ceilings, which ensure sound insulation from room to room, resulting in a satisfactory acoustic solution. Inger Hansen continues:

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The new Rockfon acoustic chamber ensures room-to-room soundproofing, sound leakage in construction and guarantees quality acoustics. (Photo: Rocphone)

– This is the second time we have used the sound camera on a project, and so far we are very pleased. It is also one of the reasons why we chose Rockfon, because it offers professionalism in several stages. Both as a supplier and partner.

Quality guarantees the final product

Rockfon wants to be the partner of choice in the industry. So, it was obvious to invest in an audio camera:

The tool gives us the opportunity to be stronger as a supplier and partner. We at Rockfon are passionate about good sounds, and with the acoustic camera we offer a stronger final product that guarantees quality acoustics and a good user experience, concludes Steinar Nygård.

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