“Gucci Gaute” got a new kidney:

“Gucci Gaute” got a new kidney:

Comedian Gaute Berg Næss, aka “Gucci Gaute,” just got a new kidney. He writes it himself on Instagram.

He wrote, “Thanks to the best dad in the world and Rickpetalt.”

In an Instagram story, he thanked the comedian for the support.

“It warms the meaty soul. For Real Madrid”.

Earlier this summer, the 27-year-old managed to reveal that he would be getting a new kidney. He did it on the podcast “Radio Morch”.

– I am sick

On the eve of another conversation, Berg tells Næss that he was going to have his transplant in August, after which Morsch asks what the transplant will be.

College, so it’s the biggest thing going on in my life right now.

He further explained that he would get a kidney from his father, to have two kidneys.

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– So you are simply sick? Moresh asked.

– I’m sick, yes, to a certain extent. I don’t feel very ill, but those around me say I am sick, he explains, adding that he is looking forward to finishing dialysis.

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