June 6, 2023


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Guests at two Oslo pubs are asked to check themselves out - VG

Guests at two Oslo pubs are asked to check themselves out – VG

Capital: It is now feared that the Omigron variant will spread in Oslo.

It is feared that the Omigron variant will spread to guests at the Christmas table at Louis Restaurant and Bar in Oslo. The old Irish bubble in Majorstuen may have been infected.


Therefore, guests are asked to check in on themselves in a timely manner. One of the guests visited a pub the west of Oslo the next day.

** Louis Restaurant & Bar Friday, November 26 from 22:30 to 03:00

** Saturday, November 27 from 22:00 to 01:00 at the Old Irish Pub in Majorstuen

– Based on the fact that one of the victims was from a trip from South Africa, and considering that many more have the infection, said Omigran is suspected, said Assistant District Physician Dine Rawlow. N.R.K..

According to the municipality, there are 40 to 50 victims on the Christmas table, but this does not confirm the Omigran variation.

At the Louis Restaurant and Bar, all employees who worked at the company involved are asked to check themselves out. So far, no staff has been confirmed infected, but there are some test results. They are currently being held in isolation.

– We think this is an incredible pity. We hope that all those affected now are not seriously ill and that the infection can be prevented, ”Fritzof Gelset, CEO of the Food and Beverages Group, told Vijay.

They thoroughly disinfected the premises and encouraged all guests to inspect.

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– We started with masks to bring a part of the work day, he says.

Now they are collaborating with the National Institutes of Public Health and the District Superintendent.

Four cases of omigran variation have been confirmed so far in Norway, two of which were in the municipality of Oygarden and two of the travelers who came to Norway.