Guetta to Palmesus –

Guetta to Palmesus -

Only David Guetta appeared in 2022 in Norway at Palmesus. The festival area has been expanded by 3000 square metres.

David Guetta songs have been streamed billions of times.
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Kristiansand: “We look forward to seeing one of the world’s greatest living legends on the main stage in Palmisos,” General Manager Leif Fuseli wrote in a press release.

The first major name for next year’s beach party was announced on Wednesday, Frenchman David Guetta. This is Guetta’s first time performing at Palmesus, and the only time he’s playing in Norway in 2022. Guetta was in Kristiansand at Odderøya Live in 2013, then performed for 8000 at Bendiksbukta.

Leif Fosselie is pleased that Guetta joined the program, which was canceled last year.
Photo: Christian Hall / Fædrelandsvennen

ten billion

Then it was cool because he collaborated with Black Eyed Peas (“I Gotta Feeling”) and Snoop Dogg, and was considered the sexiest producer in the world.

Since then it has become no less famous. His songs have been streamed over ten billion times and have sold 50 million albums. The latest song “Family” has Julie Bergan to sing. This year and last year, Guetta was named the world’s best DJ by DJ Mag Top 100.

Guetta was also booked for Palmesus last year, and festival management is happy to have joined next year after the pandemic was called off. Last year, the Jetta appeared digitally on the Palmesus Facebook page. “United at Home” was broadcast live from Miami to get income from the World Health Organization.

new area

“We’re excited to finally have secured David Guetta! He’s been one of our hottest artists for several years now and is a perfect match for a beach party, so it’s super fun to confirm.” Fuseli writes in a press release.

Guetta will be performing in the new Festival District, where Palmesus had two Corona seasons to design. Bistranda has an area of ​​35,000 square meters and includes 3000 square meters of additional space.

The pier in the common area of ​​Langfeldt is now part of the festival area. From here, there will be a bridge to the rest of the festival area.

The pier was also used in the Langfeldt common area.
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Surprises and more scenes

The stage will be the largest ever, and up to 400 bartenders will quench their thirst when it kicks off July 1 and 2.

In the expanded Palmesus area, there will be room for more scenes, as there will also be surprises.

The festival area is shown in detail on the party beach website. And he promised more news:

“When the doors close at Bystranda, the evening continues at the biggest nightclub in Norwegian history within walking distance of the exit. More on Palmesus After Beach and tonight’s queue is coming soon.

This is how Palmesus thinks it will look like Bystranda on July 1 and 2.
Photo: Illustration

Palmissos new designed festival.
Photo: Illustration

Beer giant kidnaps cranes on Palm Island

Se Palmesus classics for her

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