Guild, food grills | Guild with BBQ Fist: – Completely misleading

Guild, food grills |  Guild with BBQ Fist: – Completely misleading

(The newspaper online): Many are now lighting their own barbecues and shops are responding with many offers on barbecue food. Among these offers there are also offers for products that do not technically exist. Like the sides of a book. BBQ ribs are pork ribs cut crosswise. The book comes from the shoulder area.

-There is no edge on the book. Unless there are some new pork ribs in the book, says chef Heidi Berkan at Trondheim's Michelin-starred restaurant Credo, in Nettavisen.

Then you laugh.

– I've never heard of this before, and I've been working in this industry for a few years.


It is supported by General Manager Erik Ström Larsen at the famous butcher shop Ström Larsen in Oslo. It's deception, he tells Netavicin.

-I saw that they have BBQ ribs from the bow and neck. This is what we can call deception. What's wrong with calling neckpieces what they are? The same applies to books, says Strom Larsen

This butcher shop is especially known for its ribs.

-The swamp is not very good for grilling, unless you spend a long time in it. It's also good to roast the neck, but it's nonsense and disingenuous to call it something other than what it is, says Strom Larsen.

No more truth

At rival Maschmann Food Market in Oslo, they also sell meat. About the book side, store manager Egil Norded at Maschmanns says the following.

-At least we don't have that.

– In English it sounds great. Then you say pork shoulder, meaning pork shoulder, which is great in barbecue. It's a good piece, but it takes time to cook. But it has nothing to do with pork belly or ribs at all.

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There's nothing wrong with bog, and all parts have their own preparation methods, some more, some less, Norded says.

– Here they try to sell ribs as a book. Then there was no truth left. It is certainly misleading.

He says that the inability to call things what they are is due to a lack of competence.

– Because they call it a piece of equipment they know they are selling, because they do not have the knowledge and desire to communicate the truth. A book of pork with bones could be great. But there are four hours until there is something you can eat. But things should be compatible and will be simplified. It's sad when there is so much knowledge, and then we create something that deceives and confuses the consumer.

T-shaped roast pork

Many are also looking to sink their teeth into the T-bone steak. There is a cut part on the slide comb. Each steak is made up of an inside and outside fillet, and the bone itself resembles the letter T. When you talk about a T steak, it's usually meat from cattle. But at the Coop you can also get T-roasted pork, also from Gilde. It's a creative use of names, experts on parts say.

– Regarding the pork bones, I'm not sure. Most people associate T-bones with cattle. The name has its origins in the shape of the leg, i.e. the letter T. It may not be tricky, but it is creative, says Strom Larsen.

Nordide agrees.

-Technically, it's not a bug in the same category as book rib. Because you can take a loin of lamb and make T-shaped lamb bones. But then we call it lamb chops or double lamb chops. The world is moving forward and new ways of describing things are being found that go beyond the old textbooks.

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Pork tenderloin and pork tenderloin, which is cut in the same way as a T-bone, is one description.

– By definition, it's a T, but I don't know if it's a steak. It is not entirely arranged for the client. But if you cut it now like this, what do we call it? But it is not wrong to call the rib a book.

Nortura: Looks like a regular rib

Gilde is a brand name of Nortura. In Nortura, they say that the arch and the rib are the same.

– Bog barbecue ribs are a similar product to regular barbecue ribs, and should be prepared and used in the same manner. That's why we use BBQ ribs in the name to help those standing in the store understand how to use the product. At the same time, of course, we clearly note that this is made of wood, says communications consultant Martine Haugen Petersen at Nortura to Nettavisen.

Petersen says the product is an alternative for those who like barbecue ribs but want less fat.

– When it comes to the pork bone, it is anatomically the same part in a pig as it is in cattle.

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