June 9, 2023


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Gullruten, price | The Dementia Choir won the Audience Award: – It means a lot

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BERGEN/OSLO (Nettavisen): On Friday evening, the stage is set for Bergen’s jubilee atmosphere when the Gullruten takes place for the 25th year in a row.

Many of Norway’s biggest celebrities gathered at Grieghallen to pay homage to the television industry, and just hours before the awards were handed out, the heavily decorated celebrities appeared on the red carpet.

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In total, there are 22 prizes to be awarded during the broadcast, which is hosted by Niklas Silseth Parley (34).

The Dementia Choir won the award

One of the best awards given out on Friday night is the Audience Award. It is the only award for which the public and the Norwegian people vote for their favorite television. There were ten nominees for this year’s Audience Award, but it was NRK’s ​​”Dementia Choir” that won the award.

There was a standing ovation for the “Dementia Choir” when lead Ingrid Gissing Lenhave and choir member Jan-Ronard Eliassen (48), who were obviously moved by tears after the victory, entered.

Nettavisen met a very moved and grateful Eliassen, who could hardly believe he pulled out with the Audience Award.

– It’s a very extreme feeling. Because you sit there, then you have hope, and then you see opportunities come and go. But then we run away with the most important prize people vote for. And that means a lot.

After the success of the programme, Jan Runar Eliassen was treated very differently than before:

You are greeted in a completely different way in everyday life than you used to be. Now people dare to talk to me again.

Rest After Lockdown: Escape at a certain price

The popular talk show “Kåss til kvelds” was awarded Best Friday Night Entertainment Program.

At the end of February, it became known that the “Kåss til kvelds” program was closed as a result of NRK having to cut NOK 300 million in 2023. The decision to close the program, which was led by Else Kåss Furuseth (42), upset many people. To respond, the Broadcasting Council received more than 700 complaints.

The feedback was also welcomed because when it became known that the popular program had to be cut, NRK was very vague about Sophie Elise Isachsen (28)’s future on the channel.

It was clear that the presenter’s partner, Marcus Neebe, was hoping for a victory already on the red carpet.

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It received an honorable mention

The honorary award is one of Gullruten’s highest, the award is given to honor people or programs that have impressed over a long period of time in the television industry. This year’s honorary award was given to journalist and author Siedsell Wold (64).

There was jubilation and complete applause at Grieghallen when Wold received the honorary award.

– That was a big surprise. I am so grateful for this. I am very fond of people, no matter where they are in the world, and I think it is very important to show points of view. “I’ve always treated everyone with respect, no matter who they are,” Wold said from the stage.

She has worked at NRK for a number of years and has been a foreign correspondent for over 20 years. She mainly worked as a correspondent for NRK mainly in the Middle East.

– means that foreign policy is important, that the jury is on it, and that it is important to report on it. She told Netavisen that it is important to show what happens around the world when we do well in Norway.

Greetings to the preacher

In the Best Lifestyle Program category, it was Linnea Myers, “Søvnløs” who escaped with her win. Mehr has struggled with sleep most of her life, and so she’s documenting her journey to overcoming her sleep problem with a camera crew. It was often Emil Geld, Mehr’s fiancé, who was behind the camera.

Mehr was so moved when she received the award Friday night, she paid tribute to her fiancé:

– He was absolutely invaluable, and I bow in the dust for being so patient, he never gets angry or frustrated with my whining. It was very important. Emil should get at least half the price.

– I haven’t won anything in my life

One of the first prizes handed out was Celebrity Contestant of the Year. The nominees for the category included Alexander Satterstall, Kale Helvang Larsen and Tim Christian.

The award went to 27-year-old Alexander Satterstol, who became one of the favorites during this year’s season of “Farmen kendis”. It was the Bergen native’s sense of humor and his friendship with Aslak Maurstad that seemed to strike a chord with TV viewers.

– I didn’t expect that at all. It’s really too much, Alexander Satterstol tells Nettavisen.

– I’m so upset, my God. I never thought I would win anything. And he adds: I haven’t won anything in my whole life, it’s a very beautiful thing.

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The latest prize winner finds it hard to believe he just gave up the prize. Although “all” Norway knows that Sæterstøl absconded with the prize, not everyone does. Among others, his girlfriend Martine Lund:

– Have you spoken to Martin?

– She’s so excited, but I didn’t bother to say anything to her.

He won for the fourth time

The popular TV 2 show “Kompani Lauritzen” is often a favorite of viewers and was previously a hit on Gullruten. When the award for best competition-led reality was handed out, “Kompanie Lauritzen” won for the fourth year in a row.

– I would like to thank the TV viewers for their interest in us. I am very proud of the participants who took part,” said Dag Otto Lauritzen from the theater in Bergen.

Lauritzen’s partner, Christian Odegaard, took the opportunity to thank the municipality of Rauna and Setnesmoen for their cooperation, as the program transferred its registration site to Voss.

How did you feel when they read your name?

– On the day Otto dropped a fart, Odegaard joked to Netavisen.

To Nettavisen, Captain John Hammersmark says it’s very nice to win an award for the software they work so hard for:

There are good people in front of and behind the camera, so it’s great that people like it. The satisfied captain said: We will celebrate as the soldiers do, and it is true.

Bring on the sting

NRK’s ​​”The Debate” was also a lucky winner on Friday night. Frederick Solvang (45) won Best Presenter in News, Sports or Current Affairs. Take the opportunity to make a call to the Norwegian people:

– It’s magical to gather so many viewers in a crumbling TV market. It is intended as a serious reminder, because it constitutes strength and balances the power of politicians and those in power. That’s why I think it’s important to have such an award, because it shows that there’s still a lot of influence in television and political journalism,” Solvang said from the stage and continued:

– Everyone who does not participate in the “debate” should know that there is nothing more dangerous than coming and answering questions. Come on and answer the question and you’re done!

Solvang has led Debatten since 2018, when he took over from Ingunn Solheim. It seems the broadcaster job hasn’t always come easy for Solvang, and this week he revealed during the Nordic Media Days in Bergen that he’s considered quitting his job several times.

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This came during a conversation with Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, and he also talked about why he uses social media to a very minimal extent.

He won his first Gullruten

Reality will not only be honored tonight. Television series will also be honored, especially those who had supporting roles in popular series that were seen on television last year.

Supporting actress nominees include Marian Hall for “Made in Oslo,” Jacob Oftebro for “Kids in Crime” and Vifeld Falk-Berg for “Burnie.”

On the red carpet, Oftebro told Nettavisen that this was the first time he had attended the awards ceremony. At least he won’t come home empty-handed, given the Oftebro Award for TV Series 2 “Kids in Crime”.

– Thank you very much. I thought I would steal this. He’s probably not Østfold’s worst type, and a tougher techno dancer is the first thing you think of when you see me, he says and thanks Kenneth for getting the role.

Pia Tjilta (45) won the Best Actress Award for her role in the drama “Made in Oslo”. Tjilta won the award for the second year in a row, winning last year for “Lykkeland”.

– damn it. I wouldn’t have thought of that. So a thousand million thanks, Tjilta said from the stage.

The previous award ceremony was dramatic, however, when the next day it was discovered that the Best Actor award had disappeared without a trace. She quickly took to Instagram and prayed for the award, writing in a text message to Nettavisen a few days later that the award was in good hands.

I don’t think it was possible

For the 25th year in a row, the Gullruten has been staged, and this year the space is dedicated to a brand new prize. The new award honors the best reality and lifestyle presenter.

There was no shortage of nominated presenters, but in the end former cross country runner Martin Jonesrod Sundby took home the award. He thought something was unreal, especially since he had a strained relationship with the cameras.

– It was completely insane. Not often that I am completely speechless, I have to acclimate myself. I had a strained relationship with that TV camera for many years, and now I’m standing here. Who would have imagined that? It was a total transformation, Cree Johnsrud Sundby tells Nettavisen.