Gunella Pearson, Cooking Camp | Swedish Gunella Persson suggests to Norwegian men: – Their ages can range from 30 to 100 years

Gunella Pearson, Cooking Camp |  Swedish Gunella Persson suggests to Norwegian men: – Their ages can range from 30 to 100 years

The stay at “Camp kulinaris” in Risør was short for reality star Gunilla Persson (65), who already had to say goodbye after the first cooking competition of the season on Monday.

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However, the 65-year-old, known as one of the Swedish Wives of Hollywood, has gained a lot from this experience:

-I never thought working in the kitchen would be so tiring. But something happens all the time. I will respect that in the future, when I may have to wait a little longer for food. There's always a reason for that, she tells Nettavisen.

At the same time, she noted that she didn't think she could win the competition anyway.

-I'm a competitive person, but I'm definitely not a great cook. I knew I wouldn't win, I smiled.

– Preferably Norwegian

Although she didn't make much progress at Camp kulinaris, the Swedish “Hollywood Wife” is grateful for the whole experience.

Popular reality TV profiler Nettavisen tells that she enjoys creating TV content in Norway, and that she loves Norwegians very much. For this reason, she is also open to finding a Norwegian man to live her life with if the opportunity arises.

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“I think I'll have to find a husband eventually,” says Pearson, who has raised her daughter, Erika, 21, on her own.

– Preferably Norwegian. She adds that Norwegian men are great.

At the same time, Gunilla Persson realizes that a potential dream partner must meet certain “requirements” that she has set for herself:

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-He must be incredibly kind and loyal. And someone you can trust and hold by your hand. I would also like to find a man who can be a father figure to Erika, because she has never had one before. “He must be a very good person,” she shares.

“But it's not easy to find, as I understand,” she adds.

Open most of the time

So Gunilla Persson is open to a Norwegian, or a man in general, as long as he is nice and good.

But when it comes to age, a 65-year-old isn't picky.

– age is just a number. She says everyone says that, but when you take it seriously, it's true.

-So their ages can range from 30 to 100 years, she adds, laughing a little.

Meanwhile, the Swedish reality TV star has some doubts about whether she will age too much.

-I don't want to walk around feeling old. In this sense, it might be better to have someone around his age or someone a little older. “But I’m open to trying,” she says slyly.

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