Gunilla Persson received rich money: – A huge amount

Gunilla Persson received rich money: - A huge amount

Twelve years have passed since we first got acquainted with the Swedish language Jonella Pearson (63) Through the reality series “Swedish Hollywood Wives”.

However, the pandemic was supposed to put an end to the program in 2020, thus potentially also ending Pearson’s biggest source of income.

One would think that it would present financial challenges for the star, who lives in a large house in Los Angeles with her mother, Iris (96).

angry – again: Gunilla Persson is licking someone’s throat again – this time Swedish broadcaster Gunde Svan. Video: TV4/Cmore
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in the podcast «Stills and friendsThat’s no problem, the 63-year-old explains, revealing how she maintains her seemingly luxurious lifestyle.

– I know someone

Whether on “Swedish Wives of Hollywood” or on social media, we’re used to seeing Persson in flashy outfits. In addition, she is no stranger to the vacation trip.

When asked if she was now managing financially after the series closed, the 63-year-old answered vaguely.

“I know someone who is very rich, that helps,” Pearson answers on the podcast, according to Swedish Women’s Journal.

“I’m dying”: Gunilla Persson, known from the TV3 show Swedish Wives of Hollywood, heads straight for the floor when she tries the Classy Walk for the first time. Video: TV3
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Do you mean someone who helps you financially? asks host Rebecca Stella.

– No, don’t help me, but someone who transferred a huge amount of money. So I’m totally fine!

In conflict with the disputed artist

Nowadays, many would associate the television profile with the dispute between him and the controversial rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West (45).

Last fall, a clip from the Swedish radio show “NRJ Morgon” went viral among Nordic TikTok users.

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From what the presenters laugh, one can already hear What many think is the Hollywood lady in one of the rapper’s songs.

1 minute and 20 seconds into the song “Come To Life” from the “Donda” album, a female voice is heard shouting “Hallelujah”.

– You are a psychopath: In this week’s episode of TV3 sa Vesterlund, Gunilla Persson, Maria Montazami and Isabel Adrian get together for breakfast. According to tradition, the meeting does not proceed without drama. Video: TV 3
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The voice is eerily similar to Pearson’s, and she hired a sound technician to check if it was actually her voice that was being used, according to Svenske Damtedning.

Swede wants Claiming at least $500,000 in damages.

In “Stellz & Friends,” the presenters take the opportunity to get the latest on the topic.

– He’s in the first phase of a potential trial, he’s using my voice, Pearson claims.

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