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Meteorologists and NVE I already predicted large amounts of rain and the risk of a large avalanche.

Gida: Heavy rain will fall in the south in Trondelag and More og Romsdal on Wednesday and Thursday. The severe weather has been named Gyda, and it is in a red danger level.

Photo: Meteorological Institute

On Tuesday morning, meteorologists updated their “atmospheric river” to severe weather. The weather would be called “Gyda”, and it would hit Moore, Romsdal and parts of Trondelag hard.

It will be the wettest Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening. In addition, there will be a storm from the west in the mountains.

“We will continue to stick to the orange danger warning for Sogn og Fjordane and Oppland, and the yellow danger warning for Hordaland and Nord Tr√łndelag,” says Wagerlade.

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Extreme weather will be the first rain since 2017. “Burke” It resulted in record rainfall in Bergen and caused damage to several million kroner in western Norway. Last winter, the storm drove “sincere” To nearly 400 injuries in northern Norway.

Wagerlaid says they are upgrading because they are more confident than it was yesterday that there will be plenty of rain. Some areas in northwest Norway can receive up to 200 mm of rain in two days.

The forecast contains at least as much rain as yesterday. The area that gets very dangerous levels is 80-120 mm in 24 hours, maybe 150 mm locally, he says, and explains that the climate in these counties tolerates the weak rainfall expected.

It also increases the risk of extreme events and events.

“We expect the same amount in Sogn og Fjordane as well, but the climate here tolerates rain better when it comes,” Fagerlade continued.

Comprehensive weather system

NVE also upgraded the . file Danger warning for landslides, landslides from orange level to red level for large parts of southern Norway.

The meteorologist says they are very concerned about the mid- and inland strokes of the region with the projected maximum debt. It’s not just rain from the sky that bothers you.

– What’s our concern and NVE is that we’re also getting very light air. So we got a thaw, too. It’s also out of season for us to get such heavy rain, says Fagerlaid.

Meteorologists are also assessing the risk of gusty winds from Austanfjells on Thursday. There is a risk of snowfall in northern Norway.

Fagerlaid concludes that it is a large and comprehensive storm system.

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