Haaland answers about the city’s future: – Good question

Haaland answers about the city’s future: – Good question

He has already won the Premier League and the FA Cup.

He has become the top scorer in the Premier League and will be in the Champions League as well.

Voted the best player in the Premier League in all shapes and forms, he is an equal-price favorite in the Champions League.

It could send Manchester City on Saturday to their first-ever victory in the world’s biggest club tournament. Pep Guardiola has tried and failed six times in a row. For Haaland, this is the first attempt.

If he does, he is sailing forward as a favorite to win the Ballon d’Or in August. By then, he will have achieved all the biggest goals he set himself before joining City, just a year later, with the exception of lesser trophies such as the League Cup, Community Shield and Club World Cup.

If you win the treble now, what else will you achieve at City next?

– Hahahaha. That’s a good question. No, there are always new goals to set, but at the moment there is one game on my mind and that’s the only thing I think about, Haaland told TV2 four days before the final in Istanbul.

Father Alfie Haaland has previously indicated that his son is aiming to win what can be won in a number of different countries.

– I think Erling will test his abilities in every league. Haaland Senior said in a Fiplay documentary last year that he could stay in every league for three to four years max.

Certainly when Haaland leaves

Thus, a question arises: Could a first-try slam dunk affect – and perhaps accelerate – Haaland’s career plan?

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– It is almost impossible to know anything about him, because you have to be inside his head. Maybe he doesn’t know it himself. I don’t think he thinks much about career planning. He had just arrived. Why bother? He’s probably just focused on doing well, and I think he wants to do well at City for several more seasons, says TV 2 football expert Eric Thorstvedt.

He adds:

– Then things can change. How long does Pep Guardiola last, and so on? But it’s a bit unlikely to say he could leave City sooner than many think, because things have turned out so well. It takes many accolades and accolades before one gets tired of winning. And now City are the safest team in the world when it comes to doing so.

English media, including The Athletic and The Times, have reported that Manchester City want to extend Haaland’s contract.

The current agreement runs until the summer of 2027.

I don’t necessarily think it will have any effect one way or the other. Haaland has a plan to stay on for three or four years, and that won’t change anything, The Times’ Paul Hirst tells TV 2.

How long do you expect him to stay?

– Three more years. I think he signs a one-year contract extension, but the expiry date of the contract isn’t really important. He leaves when he wants to and I’m sure there will be new clauses in his next contract that will allow him to do that. Hurst predicts he is likely to stay until Guardiola’s departure in two years’ time, then take another year under his successor before leaving for Real Madrid.

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How likely is it that he will sign the contract offered to him by City, do you think?

– I think he signs it. He is in the driver’s seat, so he can ask for more or less of the items and the like he wants. There is no doubt that he is happy at City now. He admitted himself: This season he has exceeded his expectations in terms of goalscoring and how he has adapted. He is much loved by the players and the management, who are pleasantly surprised by how down-to-earth he is, he says.

Real Madrid dream agent

Haaland’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, had previously hinted at a future in Real Madrid for the Norwegian.

– You have the Premier League, then Real Madrid. They have something about them that makes them a footballers dream. Madrid has that charm. She said they own the Champions League.

But a move to the Spanish giants is unlikely to happen anytime soon, according to famed Manchester City writer Sam Lee.

– I don’t think it will affect his future at all, he tells me about Haaland’s crazy first season.

Haaland just started. It’s his first season, he’s young, I think he’ll stay. I don’t think it will negatively affect his future at all. He says he still has a lot to do.

– How long do you think he’ll stay?

– I think he will stay for another four years. He’s very good at City, he loves the club and enjoys it a lot, it’s a good place to develop. I think he’s signing another contract. In four years he’ll be in his mid-20s, still in his best years, and then there’s a good possibility he’ll go to Real Madrid after that, Lee says.

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