Had enough points – got on waiting list – VG

Had enough points - got on waiting list - VG
The cutoff for dream course was 61. An 18-year-old had it, but a restriction pushed her to a spot on the waiting list.

The 18-year-old was born in the fall. The year was too late to enter the study program of my dreams.

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The 18-year-old has worked hard to get into the medical program at the University of Oslo, and scored the equivalent of the threshold for entry in the spring semester: 61.

Nevertheless, she was placed on the waiting list this week. He doesn’t want to be named, but is sharing his experience because he believes others may have had a similar experience.

– I’m not the only one with a score of 61, unfortunately I was born late in the year. Others got a place because they were born before me. She told VG that I am on the waiting list.

The 18-year-old was born in the fall, so there could only be days between her and the last-place finisher — with the same average grade.

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Getting into these studies is very difficult

Many are entering their first exam. The exception is longer professional courses, where there is even more competition…

He says he reacts strongly to the fact that the time of year you were born determines study and waitlist places.

– Why should my date of birth determine whether I get into my dream study program or not? To me, this doesn’t seem very fair. He tells VG that I would have still accepted if the lottery had come and I think others would have thought the same.

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He lives in eastern Norway and finished high school this spring. Now she’s betting that a sub-registration later this summer might give her a chance.

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Vacancies in 2 out of 3 courses

The number of vacant study centers before primary school teacher training.

Consolidation registration refers to regulations

Jørgen Ofstad, department director at Samortna Optac, says the scheme complies with admissions regulations:

– The reason for this arrangement is the desire to achieve an efficient and digitalizable way of ranking candidates where competitive points alone are not sufficient differentiation between them. Ofstat says that it happens that applicants to different study programs have the same score, and in cases where this happens, age differences are used to differentiate between applicants.

He pointed out that a committee has been set up to submit proposals to simplify and change the current rules for admission to higher education by the end of this year.

Among other things, the team should evaluate Lottery application As a registration method.

I request you to treat me fairly

Dam of Micah Mary Godal

The Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) believes that age restrictions will be considered more closely by the committee. Leader Micah Mary Godal Dame said they wanted a fair, predictable and transparent admissions system.

– We understand very well that it is unfair and unpredictable, there are days when you can decide whether you will get a place or not. We believe this is one of the many challenges of the current admissions system, says manager Micah Marie Godal Dam.

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