June 8, 2023


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Half of Europe slashes pump price, but not Norway – NRK Vestland

Knut Arild Nordli owns and operates several heavy truck schools in western Norway. This means that it fills the tank on a trailer nearly every day.

In one year, these landfills will cost more than 1 million kroner in VAT and diesel taxes.

It’s a lot of money for a company with four employees, and an amount of money he has to agree to continue paying in the future.

Obviously after Finance Minister Trygiv Slagsvold Widom (Sp) Emphasizes “There are no changes to fuel taxes in our tax and fee scheme.”

The statement came after pressure from political opponents as well political allies. NRK has previously written about county leaders and mayors from the Center Party who have called on the ‘President’ to take action on them. Dramatic energy prices.

No, thanks: – I wouldn’t get anything from the state, but they wouldn’t have our weakness, says Knut Arild Nordley who owns and operates several heavy truck schools in western Norway.

Photo: Lars E/NRK

Sweden reduces fuel tax by 1.30 SEK per liter

As many other countries across Europe have shown that they have to a greater extent Learn about the rising fuel prices.

The vast majority of countries we like to compare ourselves to have offensive countermeasures to spare motorists, win over Thor Eagle Bradland and the NAF.

In May, the Swedish government reduced the fuel tax by 1.30 NOK per liter.

previous owners DenmarkAustria, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain are taking different measures control To reduce pumping prices.

The last time came Germany, which this month cut taxes to the minimum.

So Nordley had hope that the Norwegian government would be inspired by neighbors on the continent, and cut the value-added tax.

– I will get nothing from the state, but the state will not have our weakness, he says.

Geir A. Moer Director of the Norwegian Truck Owners Association.

We are an international industry, and if our competitors in neighboring countries take advantage of the various facilities, it will lead to skewed competition since these companies also operate in the Norwegian market, he says (see fact box for additional answers).

The road usage fee for public transport must be reset

NHO Transport regulates Norwegian bus companies that also know fuel prices.

The government should reset the road use tax for public transport so that fuel prices can be lowered to the previous level. We have to deal with this matter with both the ministers and parliament, victory John H. sturdang, who is it CEO of NHO Transport.

In the government’s logic, budget equilibrium and the risk of overheating and (even) rising interest rates mean it is not appropriate to lower pump rates.

feet friday Statistics Norway (SSB) hill Which indicates that prices in May were 5.7 percent higher than last year. This is it The highest price growth More than twelve months since 1988.

Nobody buys anything without the need for transportation. Those lower transportation costs would be a good measure to reduce cost development, says Tori Walstad, who works in the daily camper at Tenden Transport in Stryn in Nordfjord.

He points out that their companies were satisfied with the introduction of their own oilPlugins »which is a variable profit margin that is adjusted every week according to the price of dieselThis comes on top of the price customers would have to pay otherwise.

We have no choice but to do otherwise. The alternative, Walstad says, is layoffs.

Geir A Mo, CEO of NLF

FEIGE LAG: – If our competitors in neighboring countries make use of the various facilities, it will lead to skewed competition, says Geir A. Mo, director of the Norwegian Truck Owners Association.


Minister We hope the price will drop again soon

In the government announcement – the so-called hurdahl platform It stipulated that “the government will reduce taxes that affect most people, such as fuel taxes,” and in March Vedom announced that the government would “take action” if the price level continued. At that time, the price was 26 kroner.

Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) wrote in written answer to Parliament last week.

in political district On Friday morning, the leader of the Sogen og Fjordane Center party, Erlind Haugen Herstad, called for “targeted measures for heavy transport and machinery operators with big ideas to fill it”.

He understood that the government “should weigh this against increasing interest rates”, but added that targeted measures, such as “favorable loans for example”, would in all lead to lower prices and “do something about inflation”.

Negotiations on the revised national budget

REVIEWED: Kari Elisabeth Kasky (SV), Gier Bulstad (Socialist Workers Party) and Egil Knutsen (Labour) during the first meeting of the negotiations on the revised national budget in the Houses Chamber of Parliament.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

We will not sit around and give people hope

Spokesperson for the Center Party’s new fiscal policy in ParliamentJair Bulstad (Sp) replied that the idea of ​​taking out a loan to the transportation industry was a “constructive entrance”, but he “didn’t want to sit back and give hope to people”.

Otherwise, he said, we deceive people.

He admitted that the situation was “unpleasant” and that it was a “difficult pedagogical exercise” to talk about the expensive time, the “interest specter” and the economy in the economy when the Norwegian economy is in good shape.

Things are going well in Norway, and then we have to cut spending.

He added that it would cost the state 12 billion to reduce the price of fuel by 4 kroner, and that the social gain is greater by reducing the price of electricity than the price of fuel.

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