Hallward got a special tour guide: – Hundreds

Hallward got a special tour guide: – Hundreds

When Harald Tyldum, who lives in Tromsø, went to climb Tromsdalstinten, he had to follow most of the road unpleasantly.

– This does not scare me from going on trips in the future, he assures.

“Killer wasps” spread: – no doubt

It was Northern lights Flying tour group to Finnmarkingen was first mentioned.

– Can be tight

On his way to the top of a locally-loved hill, Dildam soon has hundreds of flies swarming around him.

– He tells Dagbladet that it’s very close during the hottest days in summer, but it’s the most intense I’ve experienced so far this year.

He often goes on trips, but rarely has he been able to boast of bringing so many hiking enthusiasts on trips.

— It is estimated that there must have been a couple of hundred flies. They followed me, and he adds:

– I’ve experienced this before, it’s relatively common on hot summer days.

– Don’t get irritated

Hallward tildam

Halvard Tildam has been involved in the “De Ba Tap” project and has completed several treks. Photo: Private
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He tells Nordlys that you shouldn’t be upset if you get an overzealous and unwanted travel companion on the way to your destination.

– If you start getting irritated first, it will become troublesome, says Tyldum.

Despite the clear preponderance of flies, he says, there were few flies.

In addition, according to experienced mountaineers, one can get “lucky in accidents”.

– They can certainly follow you for a while, but if you get up first, they won’t follow you on the way back down. High winds often blow them away.


Jostin Kjarandsen is Professor of Entomology (the study of insects) at the Arctic University Museum of Norway. He tells the same newspaper that flies pose no danger to humans.

– They are not dangerous, they can be annoying if they occur in large quantities, says Kjarandsen, adding:

– They’re curious if you’re out and about and sweating.

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