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Fra spillet «Halo: Infinite».

Halo Infinite Reviews and Recommendations

Talk about giving fans exactly what they want. After dealing with a huge “Halo” brand like a hot potato in “Halo 4” and “Halo 5”, Master Chief is back where he belongs.

In an annular world created by an ancient civilization. In mystery, it is surrounded by elegant architecture and technology. With powerful enemies on all sides, the future of humanity is at stake.

Finally back: The Master Chief is ready for new adventures in “Halo Infinite”.


There are some challenges inherent in fulfilling fan orders. It can limit creativity and innovation. But it really seems like this is the game 343 Industries have wanted to make since they acquired “Halo” from Bungie in 2010.

Discover the new world of episodes

We’re in a newly discovered ring world, the Zeta Halo. Massive building with nature and atmosphere that we recognize from our home planet.

The war against the Covenant is lost, his fellow soldiers are exterminated, and Cortana – his loyal companion to artificial intelligence – is dead.

The Master Chief character is floating in the air in Halo Infinite.

STOIC HERO: Master Chief throws himself into battle as usual, despite impossible odds and overwhelming opposition.


The pig leads the game

CLASSIC HALO: Racing in beautiful environments with Warthog is as classic a Halo as can be.

Photo: Xbox Game Studios

Screenshot from

Mysterious Realm: The massive ring worlds created by the mysterious Forerunner civilization return to the main arena of “Halo Infinite”.


The flying vehicle in the game

OPEN WORLD: You can access a number of vehicles in “Halo Infinite”. The changing shapes of flight make exploring Zeta Halo fun.


Architectural Pioneer in Halo Infinite

FORERUNNER ENGINEERING: Exploring the mysterious buildings of the Forerunner civilization is very exciting.


Brutal Covenant Army The Banished searches for a mysterious secret hidden in Zeta Halo. If they find it, it could mean the extinction of humanity.

Of course, the stoic super-soldier commander defies impossible odds. He sets out on a mission to stop The Banished, and is joined by a charming pilot and a new female artificial intelligence creature.

Escharum i «Hello Infinite»

Tough Resistance: Exiled leader Escarum does everything in his power to exterminate humanity. Mr. President, of course, is the archenemy.

Photo: Xbox Game Studios

“Halo Infinite” in many ways is what comes after someone takes a deep breath in the middle of a thriller.

There is a risk that questions will pile up. Who is the covenant? What are these giant rings? Who are the first? What did Cortana do? What is the role of Master Chiefs in all?

Reward the fans

“Halo Infinite” is heavily rooted in previous games, and often refers to the main events in the series. It’s an obvious bonus to all of us who’ve been involved for 20 years, but told so thoroughly that I think new players will get the most out of it.

Trailer: Watch the launch trailer.

The most satisfying thing about “Halo Infinite” is that we are back to the fun of exploration and discovery from the first “Halo” games. A massive space opera is presented with beautiful surroundings, amazing events and a dramatic story full of twists and turns.

Sharing shots in the multiplayer part of

Successful Multiplayer: The multiplayer part of “Halo Infinite” is incredibly successful and completely free.

Photo: Xbox Game Studios

The game character Master Chief looks at a character surrounded by a luminous aura - a new artificial intelligence.  From the game

New follower: Master Chief follows a reference to the Zeta Halo. There he finds a new AI that will join him on the next journey.


The use of the mechanical grab hook in the game «Hello Infinite»

Useful tool: The Master Chief can use the mechanical grab hook in “Halo Infinite”. It is incredibly useful in both exploration and combat.

View the map in

Big Map: Fans of games like “Far Cry” and “Horizon” will feel right at home in “Halo Infinite”.


Battle scene from Halo Infinite.

Suspicious Matches: There’s no shortage of fierce and frantic battles in Halo Infinite.


343 Industries draws a line over the partially failed “Halo 5” and returns to the series’ roots. The packaging may be a little calibrated and commercially based, but it is presented subtly and in depth.

Because it can’t really be easy to invent new and exciting secrets in the legends of Halo. The feeling of landing on one of these ringed worlds likely won’t be recreated for the first time, and I think both enemies, a friend’s relationship with the pilot, and some of the story’s twists and turns are built pretty solidly.

Master Chef in conversation with the pilot of the spaceship Echo 216 in the game

Friend: The pilot of the Echo 216 spaceship is the Assistant Master Chief in “Halo Infinite”.


I am still attracted. The desire to know what you carry is very strong. I enjoy great battles and enjoy exploration. After all, the developers have done certified work here.

open world

I even think it works well with offering a huge, open world. I was skeptical about this beforehand, I feared that being able to fly here and there on the map, doing missions small and big, would take the focus from the story.

But this part of the experience is largely entirely optional. It’s true that you unlock new vehicles, weapons, and property if you remove brutal outcast soldiers from the map, but you can jump straight into the story if you want to.

At least I did. But I took some hard turns. Because it is an incredibly beautiful world to be here – a huge and beautiful world with elegant architecture and beautiful surroundings. All accompanied by a great soundtrack and huge experiences.

This is how “Hello” should be!

Not least, you can also find cosmetic items for the multiplayer part of “Halo Infinite” while exploring the map, and this part of the game is worth a few lines as well.

An exiled elite soldier in Halo Infinite.

Elite Enemies: Sometimes, you have to deal with a much tougher resistance from the Elite Soldiers in The Banished.


Huge potential

“Halo Infinite” is actually divided into two parts. The single player part, which you either have to pay for or download via the Game Pass subscription service, and the multiplayer part, which is completely free on both PC (Windows Store and Steam) and Xbox consoles.

An open beta version of the multiplayer segment was released a couple of weeks ago, and while there were elements in the progression system and cosmetics store that had to withstand some criticism, the actual gameplay experience was well-received.

The multiplayer segment of “Halo Infinite” has elevated the series to the level it was in at the height of the season. The potential for the future is huge.

Multiplayer: See how the multiplayer section works.

When you combine it with a perfectly approved storyline, it’s gratifying to be able to confirm that “Halo” is still pleasingly engaging and fitting 20 years after first meeting with the Master Chief.

We’re not quite back in the glamor of the Bungie days, but we’re actually not very far. It’s more than I dared hope in advance.

note: “Halo Infinite” will launch on Wednesday, December 8th. Access to the Single Player section is provided by Microsoft.


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