Halvor Harsem: – calls the breach “secret”

Halvor Harsem: - calls the breach "secret"

YouTube profiler and blogger Halvor Harsem (34), better known as the King of Briskeby and “King Halvor,” has for many years been a familiar figure to the Norwegian people.

Along with his life partner Rambo, a Persian cat, he has blogged and become a bit of an influencer.

For the past eight years, he has also been in a relationship with his partner, Mila, who has also appeared on his channel.

in a loop Podcast “The Special Class”which Harsem got together with Egil Åsen, the YouTuber now reveals that he and his partner chose to go their separate ways last year.

New apartment: We had a chat with Emilie Nereng about the time after the breakup and the new apartment. Correspondent: Catherine Pilkey. Video: Nora Skafog.
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The podcast episode, which was posted in August, was the duo’s first released episode in a year. Among other things, the year appears to have been a hectic one for Hersem.

– There was a lot, a lot of nonsense, that I’m trying to turn into something good, he says, and continues:

– Around the same time last year, me and my partner – who I’ve been with for almost eight years – broke up, which is ridiculous. And even if there’s no drama or “beef,” it’s still hard, crazy, and challenging.

Furthermore, the 34-year-old describes himself as someone who thrives in his comfort zone, hence it has been a major upset. This summer he moved into his own apartment.

rest time: At the end of June, Mayoo Indiran confirmed that he and his partner had broken up. Now he talks about separation. Reporter: Selina Morquin. Video: Ken Walsh. Storytelling: Nora Skafog
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There has been a lot in the past year that, for better or worse, has required an adjustment in my life. It’s scary and exciting. I’ve moved on myself and I’m going to spend the winter resetting myself and finding my soul, he tells Se og Hør, and adds:

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– Maybe it’s going well. Life is a lesson, you should always learn!

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