Hamlet wins after 13 seconds – ready for the Million Dollar Final! – VG

Hamlet wins after 13 seconds – ready for the Million Dollar Final!  – VG
Final Ready: Martin Hamlet cheers for victory as Cesar Ferreira lies on the canvas.

Marthyn Hamlet (29) spent only 13 seconds to beat Brazilian Cesar Ferreira (36) by technical knockout. Now he is one win away from the first prize of $1 million.


The match was held in Hollywood, Florida and was “a very easy night on the job” for Hamlet. The 36-year-old Ferreira is a very experienced MMA fighter who has, among other things, 15 fights in the UFC.

But after a few seconds, the decisive situation emerged. Ferreira tried a kick with his left leg, at the same time suffering what appeared to be a serious injury to his right thigh.

Screaming in pain, Ferreira went to the plate, soon Hamlet was in place over the Brazilian and hit several blows before the referee stopped the match. Thus, Hamlet won by technical knockout, and was able to unleash the joy.

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Respect: Marthin Hamlet congratulates Cezar Ferreira, who left the MMA cage on a stretcher.

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In the NFL Final on October 27, Hamlet meets a new Brazilian. Antonio Carlos Jr. won on points against defending champion Emiliano Sordi. This year’s PFL Championship winner will receive $1 million (8.8 million kroner) in prize money.

– I like that it will be Carlos Jr. He’s a wrestler and doesn’t seem to like breaking down. I think it would be important to snatch against the cage. “He’s a great guy I’ve talked to a lot,” Hamlet told VG when the opponent was ready.

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Carlos Jr. also has a long career in the UFC, breaking into the Brazilian “Ultimate Fighter” series in 2014. He ran out of the giant organization when he lost for the third time in a row there in January of this year. The 31-year-old has 12 wins and five losses in his professional career.

– Now I won’t think much about the final. I loved my time in Norway for this match and I didn’t make the same mistake I did between match one and two of the tournament when it was a very long and difficult time in the US,” Hamlet told VG only minutes. After the last place was secured.

Final opponent: Antonio Carlos Junior (left) beat Emiliano Sordi on points.

– Cesar is a strong beating man. You can’t come here and be unprepared. This was not the way I wanted to get to the final, said Hamlet when he was interviewed in the cage, but all people have their own destiny and perhaps this is mine.

“I hope Cesar will return soon,” he added.

Hamlet won the match after just 13 seconds Giving associations when Conor McGregor historically won by knockout against Jose Aldo in a UFC title fight in 2015, but then the outcome of the battle of the hour. Now Hamlet had an “easy match” as Ferreira was stretched out on the canvas.

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This was Hamlet’s third fight in the PFL, and his tenth fight overall as an MMA professional.

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Opened the tournament with one Impressive victory against Dan Spoon in AprilAfter the match is decided upon submission in the second round. But in the second Basic Series match, there was a loss Corey Hendrix after “naked rear choke” in the third round.

This was Hamlet’s second loss in his professional career, after lightening the heavyweight He lost by knockout in a title fight at Cage Warriors in 2019.

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