Handball bathroom, girls’ handball | Norwegian handball stars vs Swedes: – They have to pay their price

Handball bathroom, girls’ handball |  Norwegian handball stars vs Swedes: – They have to pay their price

Norway – Greenland 43-11

Stavanger (Nettavisen): Norway finally had a very comfortable win over Greenland 43-11, but after the match the topic was completely different prompting many handball girls to react.

Earlier on Wednesday the Swedish published Aftonbladet This is a case in which Swedish national team manager Thomas Aksner contradicted the calendar of the World Cup in Norway, and believed that Thorir Hergeirsson & Co. had a big advantage during the tournament.

– It’s definitely a sporting advantage for Norway. It cannot be seen in any other way. It’s unfortunate.

Both Sweden and Denmark will not open their World Cup finals until Friday, meaning Norway will have two additional rest days during the World Cup. This is what Axner reacts to.

The Norwegian stars are shaking their heads

Thali Rachfeldt Deila played well for Norway, but she could only shake her head when Netavsen confronted her with the Swede’s antics.

– I think they take every opportunity to explain why they don’t want to keep up, and that there’s not much expected of them. We have plenty of travel days to ourselves, both with Trondheim and possibly Denmark.

– For our part, we just need to focus on ourselves. We can’t do anything about the schedule, so we don’t care to spend any energy on it. I think they should do that too.

– Is it too early to talk about injustices even before the tournament starts?

-We are so focused on not caring about anyone else, but rather what we can do something about. It would be at their expense to be able to afford to expend energy on it. I concluded that if it helps them, by all means do it.

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Holland jumps

The Swedish national team manager also receives support from his compatriot in the Netherlands, who believes it is usual for host nations to receive benefits.

– Organizers always get the benefits. Norway had and still has its own place, just like Sweden and Denmark. We ourselves have the worst travel schedule, the shortest time between matches, and the hardest path to the semi-finals. But we don’t lie in the fetal position for that. We will host the World Cup at home in 2025 (with Germany), and then we will see the benefits. So, our time is coming, Sweden-Dutch national team manager Per Johansson tells Aftonbladet.

Maren Ardal agrees with her teammate Rachfeldt Deila, and thinks it’s fun to hear competitors make excuses.

-It’s always fun to follow. Because we know it comes every year. There are always good reasons why some people can perform and others cannot. Denmark is likely to play in Herning throughout the tournament, as they played in Ljubljana last year. That’s the way it is, and you can’t do anything about it, she told Netavicin.

It continues:

– We think about ourselves, then we can allow others to talk about one thing and another.

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