Handball toilet – disgusting

Handball toilet – disgusting

Katowice (Dagbladet): Croatia, weaker than they have been in many years, were stunned to play to a draw against gold favorites Denmark on Thursday night.

Playing physical, the Croats sometimes fought the Danish favorite out of style, but then there were strong reactions from Denmark’s players. Especially because of two cases.

The situation around Denmark’s star right-back Matthias Gidsel brought it to a boil.

– Not the first time

Gidsel ventured inwards and forwards in the field when he received a grab in the neck area from the experienced Domagoj Duvnjak. The 34-year-old tried to apologize and take Giedesel’s hand to say sorry after the incident, but the Dane brusquely refused.

– I don’t think he was worth the help in the seconds immediately after, Gidsel explains TV 2 Denmark.

Tough treatment: Matthias Gedsel during the match against Croatia.  Photo: NTB

Tough treatment: Matthias Gedsel during the match against Croatia. Photo: NTB
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Gidsel and Duvnjak play for Füchse Berlin and TWH Kiel respectively in the Bundesliga. They met there, and Gedsel claimed to have seen Dovenjak acted brutally against him there as well.

– gets a lot of bangs

And Norway midfielder Magnus Golrud got the score, but not the situation.

It was a strong performance for Croatia. You have to be athletic and take it by the hand, says Gollrod, but I also understand that he gets angry.

tradition: Norwegian handball boys are put off when they are served traditional Polish food.
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The strong fullback is used in tough duels by himself.

Maybe there was a little frustration and it felt unfair. Especially when the opponent plays rudely. Croatia fights with all their might and does everything to win, it’s not always easy being the team that should be leading at that time. But that’s how it should be in handball, there should be some heat, smiles.

Gidsel, who currently plays for Füchse Berlin, is one of the Danes’ leading attacking weapons.

Handball is a physical sport. Gidsel takes a lot of blows with the style of play he has, and Dovenjack is a player who loves such situations, continues Christian Bjornsen.

impressed: Norwegian handball boys let themselves admire the eccentric Polish tradition. Video: euronews / Myhrvold-Siemensen / Schengen
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– Sorry

Henrik Mullgaard, the Danes’ director of defence, was also frustrated after losing points. He believed that he was deliberately elbowed after stopping Croatian Luka Cendric. The situation is not judged.

– I’m sorry the judges didn’t see it when he threw an elbow that actually hit me. Mulgaard says a red card should have been given TV 2 Denmark.

Tied with Croatia, the Danes are second in their main round group, one point behind Egypt. Victory in the last two matches will in any case give a group victory to Nikolaj Jakpusin’s crew, who are chasing their third consecutive Cup gold.

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