– Handled in a great way – VG

- Handled in a great way - VG
Match winner: Zlatko Tripic scored the only goal in the opening match of the match against Sarpsborg 08.

SARPSBORG (VG) Zlatko Tripic (29) is happy that Veton Berisha (27) is still a Viking player, and believes his teammate has done very well through a transfer window with plenty of speculation.


Vyton Berisha has thrived occasionally since returning to Viking two years ago, and in the winter transfer window, the club turned down several offers for the 27-year-old.

At the same time, some Vikings supporters were unhappy with the fact that Berisha had a stated goal of wanting to play abroad again, but when the transfer window closed on Friday night, Berisha was still a Vikings player.

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– It’s very important. You see, it’s crucial. He’s running like a crazy horse out there. It’s great for us. He’s a leader, Zlatko Tripic tells VG and continues:

– He is very professional and has handled the interests and speculations around him in a superb manner. A very good ambassador for the club.

Berisha himself says the speculation and reaction didn’t cost him many calories early in the season.

– For me, it did not affect anything. It’s really good to start with the right matches in the Elite Series, Berisha tells VG.

Vikings trainer Bjarti Lundy Archim is also of the same opinion as Berisha.

– We haven’t really tested any of it, Aarsheim tells VG.

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There is a lot of interest in our best players, and we know that. We know we are a club that has to sell its best players up and down to make things turn. Foton presented in training and fighting. That’s how we know Futon, so it wasn’t a problem for us inside.

In the opening of Sunday’s series, Berisha was very decisive in that Viking took three points Far towards Sarpsborg 08.

The hour passed 88 minutes when Berisha hit a pole in the penalty area. In front of the goal Trebic appeared and his chest in the only goal of the match.

Cheers: Vtun Berisha and Zlatko Tribek combined for three points.

The winner of the match is clear that the speculation surrounding Captain Berisha is very normal.

– I’ve been far from the same before. When you do well, there is a benefit. Everyone has the ambition to reach as far as possible as a footballer. He represents the Vikings and the Norwegian national team in a good way, so it is only natural that there is interest in this good football player, says Trebek.

– How did you talk about it within the group of players?

– That’s very normal. Trebek says it’s only natural that there’s a lot of interest, and we hope it stays with us.

– We are very happy that Vuitton is a Viking player. He’s a very important player for us, a great person and a good kind of leader. Markus Solbakken tells VG that everyone at Viking is very happy that it will be.

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