January 30, 2023


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Hanne Sørvaag on the first Christmas without his father

It’s finally Christmas, and a lot of people are probably gobbling up gingerbread, Christmas soda, and tangerines. The holiday is known for a number of different traditions, both large and small, but for Folk Artist Hanne Sørvaag (42) Is this Christmas any different than it usually is?

This year, Christmas Eve was celebrated in Sorvagh without his family. She was with her boyfriend Thomas to his family.

You have been asked before: Artist and songwriter Hanne Sørvaag is ready for Stjernekamp in the fall, but this isn’t the first season she’s been asked to participate. Video: Madeleine Lehring/Dagbladet
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– It’s actually my first Christmas with the family of someone I’m with, so it’s going to be a new experience. I can’t say exactly what it will be like, because it’s pretty new. But I’m excited! The artist recently told Dagbladet and added:

– We’ll also visit my family on Christmas Day, so if I start to miss them so much, I won’t have to miss them for long.

We will miss him. We will miss him

This is not the only reason why an artist’s birthday can be different. In March of this year, she lost her father.

“This is how long we gotta hold on. Thank you for everything you’ve been, thank you for every little memory, Dad,” Sorvagh wrote on Instagram when she herself shared the sad news.

Now it’s the first Christmas without Daddy.

Olympic song: Artist Hanne Sørvaag sings “Se ilden lyse”, which was the Olympic song in 1994, at Vibeke Skofterud’s funeral.
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– It’s a time when you like to think about those you miss, and those you’ve celebrated other Christmases with, so I dread Christmas a bit because I’m going to miss “Merry Christmas” from my dad, Sorvagh said and continued:

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– I also have a birthday at Romjul, and I will miss the birthday greetings for the first time.

Sorvage admitted that such days are not easy.

– This is the first year after losing someone. Then comes Father’s Day, his birthday, mine, Christmas – all the anniversaries that are no longer there. And I think they were very painful.

Are you preparing in any way for the feelings that await you?

– Tears flow here freely only when needed, I also talk to my father. I walk around and say “yeah yeah daddy, what do you think of this?”.

– It’s hard to believe

The artist said that she feels that her father is with her in some way.

– But it’s strange to be in the world without him, I must say.

The 42-year-old can still think about the funeral and remember that she was present with a sort of disbelief. She remembers thinking it wasn’t her father’s funeral, and almost dawning when she saw a picture of him and his name.

– It’s somehow hard to believe.

Fortunately, Sorvagh finds comfort and support in his two brothers. They are often called or collected to remember their father.

– We met on his birthday, for example, and we also send each other messages when something special happens. So we are there for each other.

She said they could send each other poems, a line from a song or a quote when they remembered their father.

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Like processing grief, Sorvage said.

The tradition survives

Although Christmas will be different for the artist this year, one thing will always remain the same – she’s focused on Christmas music.

She recently released the Christmas single “Ein Julasang” alongside Eivind Jul, and as she has done many in the past, she will be spending part of December spreading Christmas cheer through music.

– I’m going to play Christmas Carols in December, and I have a Christmas album that I released in 2013, with Christmas Carols about my upbringing and memories from there.