May 29, 2023


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Hanne Sørvaag shares a nice piece of news:

Hanne Sørvaag shares a nice piece of news:

At the end of 2020 it could Artist Hanne Sørvaag (42) Reveals the good news about it I’ve got a boyfriend. At the time, she was very silent about her fiancé, but she could tell that his name was Thomas.

Life seems to be smiling back in the day for the popular artist, and now she can reveal yet another good news. Sørvaag has just moved from Oslo for Sørlandet.

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– All we wanted

On her Instagram story, Sørvaag first shared a glimpse of the new home. She can now confirm to See and Hear that she went to buy a house with her boyfriend in Fevik.

– How do you feel about it?

– It feels so great, it’s a very beautiful home. I previously lived in an apartment, so I will sell the apartment I have in Oslo now, says Survage.

Happy news: the artist has every reason to smile during the day.  Photo: Andreas Vadom / Look and Hear

Happy news: the artist has every reason to smile during the day. Photo: Andreas Vadom / Look and Hear
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The 42-year-old does not hide the fact that she is happy with the purchase of the house and that this is all that she and her boyfriend Thomas wanted.

– It’s a great house overlooking the sea and everything we wanted. My friend has kids so we would like to have some space for everyone. I thrived well in Fevik and I think it’s exciting with a real life change, as I told Se og Hør.

Moreover, the artist can also reveal that the house has an area of ​​300 square meters and that they bought it for 7.1 million kroner.

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– Good space

Sørvaag told Se og Hør that she has just moved into the house and that it is a very nice feeling with a new home.

When asked if the artist had any special plans for how she would decorate the new home in Sauerland, she answered the following:

– No, I don’t have it. Now all that remains is to decorate the children’s basement living room in the basement. Other than that, everything was previously decorated with furniture and decor.

In other words, did it really work?

– Yes, we really have. We just received all of his (girlfriend, editor’s note) today, so I still have a few things left in Oslo. It’s good then, Survag concludes, to have plenty of space.

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