Happens once in 1000 years

Happens once in 1000 years

Death Valley is known as the hottest place on Earth and the driest place in North America. The valley is part of the Mojave Desert, located in Southern California near the border with Nevada, USA.

According to him, no other place in the world has recorded the highest temperature National Park Service. In July 1913, 57 degrees was measured at Furnace Creek.

However, heavy rains in the last few days have caused flooding in the national park.

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According to meteorologists and park officials, this is a condition that occurs only once in 1,000 years. Guardian.

In total, the U.S. has experienced four flooding events this summer, all classified as “1 in every 1,000 years.” Forbes. That means a 0.1 percent chance, according to the National Park Service.

– I find it interesting how increasing the probability of drought means getting less rain. In Norway, for example, we expect more rain in the coming years, but this does not rule out periods of increasing drought, climatologist Kale Nördling tells Talkbladet.

According to the UN Climate Convention, Earth’s average temperature has already increased by 1.1 degrees since 1750, and temperatures have risen faster than ever in recent years. According to the UN, this is due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Unless drastic measures are taken, warming is expected to increase faster and stronger over time.

Nordling says warmer air masses hold more water vapor in the air, a result of climate change. This leads to frequent occurrences of extreme weather, which we see now, for example, in Death Valley.

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75 percent of annual rainfall

Experts from NASA’s Earth Observatory told The Guardian that 75 percent of the annual average rain fell in Death Valley in just three hours.

Earlier this week, several hundred people were “trapped” in the park as roads became impassable. Now everyone has left the place.

No one was injured in the storm.

“The Beach”: Earlier in the week, several hundred people were left in the park unable to leave. All are now out and no injuries have been reported. Photo: Reuters / NTP
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As a result of the massive rainfall, both nature and infrastructure have suffered major damage.

Most roads in the area are closed, according to the National Park Service.

The environment in Death Valley is described as extreme, partly due to the high temperatures.

Park employee Mike Reynolds said it will take a long time to get the park back to its former glory. The weather in the park recently has been a record for the year, as August is often a month with little rain.

– Very worried

Noertling points out that studies show that heavy rainfall is more frequent in the California region, and he supports meteorologist Daniel Berg’s claim that it’s a once-in-1,000-year scenario. Research.

A climate scientist is concerned with climate change and how society can cope and adapt to the changes.

– I am very worried. Due to increasing extreme weather and more forest fires, it will be difficult to manage. Those two factors have huge consequences, and I worry about how society will adapt.

flood: 8 people have died due to floods in South Korea. Video: Twitter

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He adds that he is also concerned about the frequency of droughts further north and what kind of effects this may have on coral reefs and fungi.

– Mushrooms are important to me personally, because I like to eat them, but no less part of ecosystems, concludes Nordling.

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