– Hard to believe Støre – VG

- Hard to believe Støre - VG
Further requests: SV’s Lars Haltbrekken, here with Sp’s Marit Arnstad, did not trust Jonas Gahr Støre’s attempt to clean up after Arnstad’s climate play on Monday.

Cartermon (VG) Climate Minister Espan Barth Ede rejects SP’s plan to discuss postponing climate targets. Sars’ Lars Haltbrekken believes Labor has less credibility.


On Monday Climate surprise From Sp’s National Board Meeting: He asks if Norway can achieve its climate goals by 2030.

– Ernst Stat said in his speech that we need to ask ourselves whether we need to change the criteria for Norway’s climate goals or postpone them for a few years.

He said the electrification of the closet would be particularly challenging.

– I think we have a very vague and dishonest discussion about the electrification of the Norwegian closet, and I think most parties have finally realized that we will never electrify all the bases off the ground, Ernstad told Viji after the speech.

On Tuesday, he received a response to the accusation from Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store:

– To the Labor Party Climate goals are consistent, Which also attacks the hurdle site. “We will continue to look for better political solutions to achieve them through cooperation with Europe and domestic efforts,” Store told Vijay.

Climate and Environment Minister Espan Barth Ede (Labor) says climate goals are not negotiable. On Monday, the third interim report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be released.

– It is very dark, and shows that the world is far from where it should be now. “We’re actually halfway through the journey from Paris in 2015 to 2030, and it’s not even close to where we should be,” Barth tells VG.

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Can only be taken seriously

At the Climate Summit in Glasgow in 2021, the countries agreed to review their climate targets for 2022 to assess whether they are adequate.

– There is no room to tie goals less. Either keep what we have, or tighten them up. That’s the room for maneuver, says Barth Ede.

He emphasizes that although the goals have been set, there is room for discussion about the tools. But do you need to change the way you count or the criteria you measure?

– That is beyond question. These are standard procedures established at the UN, and we have adopted them throughout governments over the years.

Climate Minister: Espen Barth Eide (Labor).

He also rejects what he calls “creative accounting.”

– If you go to the doctor and say your health is very bad, it may be related to you smoking 40 a day. Then you say “Yes, but I smoked 80 before, it was so bad”. Yes, but smoking 40 a day is still a problem.

– If so, should we tighten our climate goals and do more in less time?

– Yes. I’m not saying we will do that, but the room for maneuver is to do what we say or more.

– Do you know what was decided in Hartal? She was there and had a deep involvement on stage. Why do you think she says that now?

– I do not want to speculate about that. I think Jonas has made this clear. To quote the Prime Minister, he finished talking.

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– No reliability

Lars Haltbrekken, SV’s parliamentary representative and environmental policy spokesman, believes Støre lacks much credibility when he says the government’s goals are sustainable.

– So far, the government has done nothing but postpone the environmental and climate review. The store tries to set aside Ernstadt’s statements in this way, but his credibility is limited, and we do not know how the government will achieve its climate goals, says Holtbrechn.

SV is a budget partner of the government, but Holt Brecken still accuses the prime minister of bringing in empty words.

– It’s hard to trust him when the store comes up with empty words. We do not know what the government is going to do to reduce emissions. They will not gradually eliminate the oil industry, or create enough seawater. You did not win this way in the war on climate change.

Andhra Pradesh leadership: Leadership committee in the Labor Party at the party’s national board meeting on Tuesday. Jonas Gahr Støre (left), party secretary Kjersti Stenseng and vice-president Bjørnar Skjæran.


– No action here, no climate cut, no plan. He needs to come up with a plan for how he wants to achieve the goals, activities for action and tons for action. If the store is interested, we have actually done the work for him, and have created a climate budget that will reduce emissions by 70 percent by 2030. The SV politician says he is happy to use it and then we at least go to work.

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In November, SV and the government reached a budget settlement for 2022 in which they agreed to study the new oil tax, among other things, and did not make the 26th license round in 2022.

– In the budget negotiations, we sharply sharpened the climate cuts. In next year’s state budget, we expect the government to come up with a budget that will give us the cuts we need, says Holtbrecken.

Prime Minister and Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre addressed the National Board meeting on Tuesday (article continues below video).

– Have a plan

In his speech to the APS National Board on Tuesday, Store made it clear that he had nothing to do with climate reduction ambitions.

– If we are to achieve the climate targets of a 55 per cent reduction we need to reduce emissions on the Norwegian shelf. Done talking! He said.

He also rejects Haltbrekken’s claim that the government has no plans:

– The project is on the Hurdle platform, SV tells Store VJ about our ambitions to create jobs by reducing the budget and emissions that helped vote on Sorting for 2022.

– Must be followed every day

AUF President Astrid Home says they need to keep track of climate targets from day to day.

– Climate goals have been set for the Labor Party, and I am pleased not to compromise when Jonas says the hurdle base is right. He says we at the AUF reduce emissions enough every day.

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