Hard Work, Volunteer Work | Finally you can unlock the new building: – You contribute every day. We are very lucky to have you

Hard Work, Volunteer Work |  Finally you can unlock the new building: – You contribute every day.  We are very lucky to have you

The club’s great old man, Kjell Lindahl, the fellow who lived and breathed for the club all its days, was honored with the cutting of the rope, was a perfect fit, and old Cheol champ was so grateful to get the assignment.

Volunteering – for volunteer work

– SHIUL General Manager and Chairman of the Construction Committee Jan Rune Fjeld said: – This is a charitable building, made by volunteers – for volunteers.

He did not have an exact overview of the number of volunteer hours he put in, but in kroner and øre in the construction accounts the volunteer effort is estimated at NOK 1.7 million. In total, the price of the house, which will include all the machinery, tools and other equipment needed to run SHIUL’s construction stock, will be approximately NOK 5.2 million.

The new building is heated as excess heat from Søndrehallen, and a room will be rented out to the school.

Fjeld and the others around 50, Onsdagsgjängen and other key people on the construction project and at SHIUL were present during the opening. After cutting the rope, there was apparently a delicious al fresco barbecue meal, conjured up by Ron Greyprod, followed by marzipan cake and coffee.

Praised for volunteering in the team

The progress of the construction project after the annual meeting gave the go-ahead because he had nothing to say.

Construction began with foundation work on May 19 last year. On February 28th we received a Certificate of Completion, and today we can officially open it, summing up Jan Rune Fjeld.

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SHIUL General Manager Nina Granerud Fjeld again pointed to volunteerism within the team, with Onsdagsgjängen at the forefront, not only when it comes to large-scale organized efforts, both on and off SHIUL territory. Equally important is the daily effort that we don’t see here and there but, in short, is invaluable in the day-to-day running of the team.

– Every day you contribute. Cheol is very lucky to have you. You all make an important contribution to the fact that things are going well in Cheol.

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