– Harmless Evening – VG

- Harmless Evening - VG

The video by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, led to several press conferences and drug tests. One of the party participants vehemently opposes the accusations.


In the video leaked on Wednesday, the prime minister appears as Parties with multiple people in a special event.

In the video, you can hear the hadith of “meljeng”, which in this context can be interpreted as powder or intoxicating.

This led to Marin holding a press conference Thursday to answer questions about whether she had been taking drugs. She also did a drug test, and the results will be ready in a week. Marin calls the drug abuse accusations unreasonable.

Norwegian politicians: – Leave her in peace!

PARTY VIDEO: The much-discussed video led to Marin holding several press conferences where she had to answer questions about whether she had used drugs, among other things.

– I danced and had fun

29-year-old Janita Oteo joined the party. She is a photographer and influencer in Finland.

On Saturday, she posted an Instagram post commenting on the reactions after the video was leaked to the public.

– I was really shocked by the commotion we ended up in. It was a harmless evening where people danced and had fun. One of the funny summer evenings, which then had unreasonable consequences, she writes in an Instagram post.

She adds that she has never used drugs and that the accusations are considered unfair.

The videos were filmed in the private room, and all the parties involved were aware of the videos and posted them on a private account. In my opinion, the videos do not contain anything that could justify a copyright infringement and a breach of privacy. I didn’t share them with the media.

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always available

After the video was leaked, Marine was asked if she would be able to carry out the tasks she was set to perform as prime minister.

– I didn’t have business meetings this weekend, and I had meetings on Mondays. She said I had a vacation and spent it with my friends and didn’t do anything illegal.

– Throughout my tenure as Prime Minister, there were no situations in which a sudden case arose in the middle of the night, which I had to defend. Not even in this case, said Marin, stressing that she’s always been there.

When asked if she trusts her friends, she answered yes, but was bitter that the video was made public..

Last December, Marine was criticized for her celebration during the pandemic.

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