Harry and Meghan demanded photos of the paparazzi – they flatly refused

Harry and Meghan demanded photos of the paparazzi – they flatly refused
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He requested delivery of photos from the alleged car chase in New York from the Backgrid photography agency.


In the message that had to be sent from representatives of the couple to Backgrid, it was stated:

“We hereby request that Backgrid immediately provide us with copies of all photos, videos and/or films taken last night by independent photographers after the couple left the event and within the following hours.”

This is after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan claimed they were chased by paparazzi for two hours in central New York.

Harry and Meghan’s team described the episode with the paparazzi as “near disaster,” but NYPD sources say TMZ That this is greatly exaggerated.

Scoop kick against the kingdom

Backgrid’s attorney replied, reproduced from, among others, TMZ and Sky NewsDon’t skimp on constitutional scoop kicks:

“In America, as you probably know, property belongs to the owner: third parties cannot simply ask them to give it to them, as kings might,” she says.

And also:

“Perhaps you should sit down with your client and advise him that his English rules of royal prerogative requiring its inhabitants to surrender their property to the monarchy have long been rejected by this country. We support our countrymen.”

Backgrid says they had four photographers on the job that night, three in cars and one on a bike.

They denied having any intention of causing trouble or harm, stating that their only tools were their cameras.

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