Harry and Meghan describe The Sun’s apology as a PR stunt

Harry and Meghan describe The Sun’s apology as a PR stunt

For many years Clarkson was a regular columnist in the British tabloid, and time and again he caused a storm with his characteristics and outspoken statements.

Last week, the former Top Gear presenter wrote that he “hates” Meghan and dreams that she will one day have to “walk naked through the streets” of British cities while residents shout profanities and hurl excrement at her.

Removed and sorry

Many readers of The Sun were not amused by Clarkson’s column, and more than 20,000 complained about it to the Norwegian press professional committee, the Independent Press Standards Organization (Ipso).

Clarkson was also criticized by many famous Britons, including Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and author Philip Pullman.

The Sun removed all of the column from the Web on Monday, at Clarkson’s request, but the criticism hasn’t stopped. On Friday, the paper felt compelled to issue a public apology.

We at The Sun apologize for publishing this article and deeply regret that it was read on the newspaper’s website. The article has now also been removed from the archive, it has been added.

PR stunt

But on Saturday, a spokesperson for the couple, who are officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, criticized the newspaper for not contacting Meghan directly.

– The fact that The Sun did not contact the Duchess of Sussex to apologize shows its intent. This is nothing more than a PR stunt, says the speaker.

Furthermore, it is said that it is good for the newspaper to regret it, but that “we would not be in this position if The Sun did not continue to profit from and exploit hatred, violence and misogyny.”

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Clarkson later apologized on Twitter and wrote that it was all a comment on the Netflix series “Harry & Meghan” and a bizarre attempt at fun referencing a scene in Game of Thrones.

In the Netflix series, Megan accused the British tabloids of being racist, of trying to “destroy” her, and of being complicit in her loss of the baby she was carrying.

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