Harry and Meghan should expect a cold shoulder during Charles’ coronation

Harry and Meghan should expect a cold shoulder during Charles’ coronation

Just over three weeks until Charles (74) and Camilla (75) are crowned King and Queen of Great Britain. In this regard, preparations are underway for the grand celebration.

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Charles has previously been known to want, among other things, an intimate ceremony, unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in 1953.

Harry Hope: The response to King Charles led to further speculation about the relationship between father and son. Video: Twitter.
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The royal’s son, Prince Harry, 38, and his wife, Duchess Meghan, 41, have yet to confirm whether or not they are making the trip “across the pond”. If they end up attending the coronation ceremony, they should expect something else A warm welcome, says an expert on the royal house.

- It will look strange

– It will look strange

Expert Daniela Elser believes Harry and Meghan “should expect to catch a cold shoulder”. She writes it herself in the Australian Chronicle News.

— Being despised by your brother, his sister, and almost everyone except an insignificant cousin or two, with every moment captured on camera until we see it at home, is about as fun as going to one of the Duchess of York’s (Editor’s note Sarah Ferguson) book readings.

broken: Prince Harry reveals details of his alleged fight with his brother Prince William on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’. Video: Pluto TV
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– They can expect a reception from the family so cold that the polar ice will probably freeze again. Whether they can stand the massive cold shoulder they can still expect to be B-listed during the coronation, writes royal house expert.

Se og Hør royal house expert Caroline Fagle believes Elsner is right that Harry and Meghan will be greeted with cold shoulders.

- I haven't even seen him unhappy

– I haven’t even seen him unhappy

The two of them have put themselves in such a special situation that I think it will be difficult for them no matter what they choose. But I don’t think it would be any less bad if they didn’t come. Many critical voices would likely point out that not participating in such a historic and structured ceremony is a great betrayal of the father (and the royal house in general), Fagel adds:

Prince Harry’s much-talked-about autobiography Spear was published on January 10. During a visit to Liverpool, Prince William and Duchess Kate were asked about the book. Correspondent: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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– The only sure thing is that no matter what choice they make, they will make headlines. There is no doubt that the fiery relationship between Harry, his father and his brother is of interest all over the world.

New revelation

New revelation

The British expert Elser also points to the fact that the coronation took place on the same day as the birthday of the son of the Duke and Duchess Archie (3).

– Archie, who will be four on the same day as the coronation, wasn’t even invited.

according to times The couple will reveal their plans “in a few days.”

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