‘Harry Potter’ actor Robbie Coltrane has passed away

'Harry Potter' actor Robbie Coltrane has passed away

– He was an incredible and totally unique talent, and I was so fortunate to know him, work with him, and laugh with him to death, Tweets Rowling, author of “Harry Potter,” Friday night.

Coltrane was also an actor, comedian and writer, becoming world famous through the popular “Harry Potter” films that appeared between 2001 and 2011.

Coltrane played Gygrid – Rubeus Hagrid in the original language. As a ranger and tutor at Hogwarts, he quickly became friends with Harry Potter.

– lovable man

Daniel Radcliffe, who played the lead role in Harry Potter in the movies, shares fond memories with PNA, describing Coltrane as one of the funniest people he’s ever met.

I have especially fond memories of when he kept his spirits up during the recording of Prisoner of Azkaban, while we all hid for hours in Gigrid’s cabin. Radcliffe remembers telling stories and jokes to keep morale up.

– I am so happy to meet him, and so sad that he died. Radcliffe continues, he was a wonderful actor and a wonderful man.

Daniel Radcliffe (left) who played Harry Potter with Robbie Coltrane at the 2001 New York premiere of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Photo: Darla Khazi/Associated Press

Unique talent

The Scottish star was called Anthony Robert Macmillan. He was also known for his role as criminal psychologist Eddie “Fitz” Fitzgerald in the ITV crime drama Cracker.

For interpretation, Coltrane won the Bafta TV Award for Best Actor three years in a row between 1994 and 1996.

Belinda Wright, Coltrane’s agent for 40 years, says the actor passed away on Friday.

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– Ruby was a unique talent, she says. The cause of death has not been revealed, but Wright thanks Larbert Hospital in Scotland for their care.

– He will probably be better remembered for many decades to come as a Gygrid. Wright says it’s a role that has brought joy to children and adults around the world and has led to an influx of fan letters every week for more than 20 years.

Bond movies

Coltrane also starred in two James Bond films.

James Bond fans also wrote to pay tribute to his role in “Golden Eye” and “The World Is Not Enough,” adds the agent.

Coltrane played KGB man Valentin Zukowski in the two James Bond films.

He is survived by his sister Annie Ray, children Spencer and Alice, and their mother, Rona Gemmell.

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