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The big Harry Potter game has been discontinued

It has never quite matched the success of Pokemon Go.

If you’ve played Ingress or Pokémon Go games, you know Niantic’s work before. Pokémon Go appeared in 2016 and quickly became an epidemic. The game in which you have to hunt for rare monsters by navigating with your mobile phone has been blamed on large numbers of people moving a lot more on foot than usual.

The following year, there was talk of a Harry Potter version of the game. And Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched in 2019. Now, two years later, while Pokémon Go is still alive and well, Appleinsider reports that Niantic is shutting down a Harry Potter title that hasn’t had the success they hoped for.

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The game mechanics are very similar to the “original two games”. You have to move and use augmented reality to get magical artifacts, and you have to fight against other players. For new players, the trick was to visit places you already know from Pokémon Go.

In many ways, this was the third “look” above the original Ingress concept.

But even with so many positive reviews at launch, it never really took off.

January 31, 2022, the game’s servers will shut down, and from December 6, the game will be removed from the app stores, and it will not be possible to purchase content for it from that date. In the future, the content will still be expanded a bit to give the story a kind of approximation to the players.

If we look at the players’ stats, Pokémon Go is still a good shop for Niantic. the site Activeplayer.io Statistics and estimates of how many people are playing different titles – the numbers show that the game has between 68 and 72 million active users each month.

BusinessSofabs It is estimated that there are 166 million registered users of the game, and statista He notes that the game has about 1.8 million daily users in some of its primary markets – including more than 800,000 users in the United States and about 31,000 users in Norway.

Niantic itself has gone from being a few hundred million dollars to being a billionaire. So little pocket monsters are still a good store for the company that runs Pokémon Go with Nintendo.

Thus, JK Rowling’s magic wand has big shoes to fill.

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