Harry Styles, Camara and Justin Bieber – VG

Harry Styles, Camara and Justin Bieber - VG
Harry Style: The first taste of the upcoming album ‘Harry House’ is ready.

No, it’s no joke: A sunny audio clip is being presented for the first weekend of April.


Kahlani & Justin Bieber – “Up At Night”

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The album “Blue Water Road” described the upcoming third studio album by American artist Kahlani as an “emotional, sexual and spiritual journey.” Yeah. This Justin Bieber collaboration raises high expectations: this sleek and catchy one comes with the steam of the most rewarding songs from the turn of the millennium, while Kehlani’s special distinction is unmistakable.

Morgan Solelli – “Don’t Call Me”

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The songs of “Phone” chime with “Limitations” as Morgan Solelli continues to prepare for the summer season with “Don’t Call Me” – a festive song reminiscent of a lot of other music already out there, based on the foundations of the components of Solelli’s lyrical universe. The melody itself isn’t bad at all – associations with “Bitter Sweet Symphony” (!) appear along the way – but the song would benefit greatly from more variety and more surprises.

Harry Styles – “As It Was”

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The third album, “Harry’s House,” was announced in May, and the first single, “As It Was,” fresh and airy, hints at Harry Styles. She continues her association with the classic pop tradition. However, the soundscape has been pushed back from the ’70s to the ’80s, and our local Haha heroes are among the many helpful references for what he’s trying – and largely successful – here.

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Freddy Gibbs and Rick Ross – “Ice Cream”

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“Dope fiend I’ve Got An Elusive Dream Yes / Serve My Neighbors Thirty-Four Flavors I’ve Got Ice Cream.” No, it’s not about soft fish or lemon sorbet when rap duo Freddy Gibbs and Rick Ross unite for ‘ice cream’. Raekwon’s song of Sampling, Threatening, and Confusion is criminally short, but still manages to make an impression.

Camera – «SPF 3000»

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Remember the sun factor! That message seemed right away when Bergen singer Camara released her lightweight spring single “SPF 3000,” where SPF stands for “the power of sun protection.” Upon listening closely, it turns out that the 23-year-old wrote a tribute to brighter times – and the need to feel “smooth as butter.” You have to work hard not to feel a smile on your jaws with this enticing treatment that is buzzing in your ear.

Ibn Lux and Musa Sani – “Siyag”

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We’ll have to wait until May before the critically acclaimed sci-fi movie Everything Everywhere Every Time hits Norwegian cinemas, but the trailer gives cause for joy. The same goes for that taste of the soundtrack, which was joined by the American post-rock trio Son Lux The wonderful vocalist above average Moussa Sani. The result is a beautiful, sticky, extraterrestrial song that’s gorgeous and floating enough that it’s tempting to stay there permanently.

Liam Gallagher – “C’Mon You Know”

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After receiving songwriting help from Dave Grohl on First loose single “Everything Electric”, Liam Gallagher is listed as the soloist of “C’Mon You Know”. The expression is still grumpy and angry, and the melody mostly sounds like something Primal Scream could grind into in an uninspiring moment. Still, the gospel’s tender sentiments lift it up a few audible cracks, and this really should be considered a bit of an elevation.

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