Has appointed a newly named offender in a new trial

Has appointed a newly named offender in a new trial

On Tuesday, an investigation began against a 43-year-old man He was charged with the murder of his ex-wife and her new husband on June 24 last summer in Stavanger.

Police are investigating a new man Tuesday morning, while an investigation is underway against the man charged with murder.

14 days ago, the accused 43-year-old told his bodyguard that he was explaining himself again. On Wednesday last week, he was questioned by police for the fifth time.

During the trial, he turned his first interpretation upside down.

The accused now believes the man who is being questioned on Tuesday was the one who committed the murders.

The accused pleaded guilty to double murder in Stavanger

– Asked to be charged

The accused 43-year-old called himself and informed police the night of the murder. When police arrived at the home in question, the defendants’ ex-wife and her new husband were stabbed to death.

The 43-year-old was at the apartment when police arrived and was soon arrested. At interrogation the next day, he confessed to killing both of them.

In the fall of 2020, he was interrogated four times.

– Explained that the accused confessed to stabbing the man. He explained in less detail about the woman and said he had no intention of killing her.

Attorney: State Attorney Folke lmlid is leading the case before the government.

Attorney: State Attorney Folke lmlid is leading the case before the government. Photo: Christian Myhre / TV2

Attorney and public prosecutor Folke Emlitt said this in his introductory speech on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old has never pleaded guilty to murder. At trial he said he had committed these acts, but he did not want to kill his ex-wife.

– But, on September 12, the Guardian announced that he would give new explanations. Then the accused was not the one who committed the murders, but another name who left the place and asked to accuse the accused, Emlit continued.

– Respect related

As a result of the new investigation, the trial, which was scheduled to begin on Monday, was postponed by one day. The accused read and approved his new interpretation on Monday.

– The government will try to prove that the killings were planned, and that the main purpose is to restore dignity. Emlit told the court Tuesday that it was clear the accused and the woman were at least a couple until May 22.

Everyone involved in this case was originally from Syria. The accused and his ex-wife came to Norway in 2015.

At last week’s trial, when the accused 43 – year – old was appointed as a new and named offender, the culture of respect became a topic.

According to the defendant’s explanation, he was asked by the defendant to take responsibility for the murders because his ex-wife had died.

The 43-year-old goes on to explain that he will receive less punishment than others because, as TV2 understands, his dignity was violated when his wife left him.

Defendant: Attorney Odd Rune Dorstrup defends the 43-year-old accused.

Defendant: Attorney Odd Rune Dorstrup defends the 43-year-old accused. Photo: Christian Myhre / TV2

– The center of the case changed significantly in nature 14 days ago. It was so serious that we could not leave without turning any stones, ”said Ode Rune Torstrup, the man’s bodyguard, in court.

A fourth person was in the apartment when the killings took place.

The accused is not the same man who was appointed as the new offender.

The 43-year-old retaliated with freedom and serious threats against the man, who was sitting in the witness box on Tuesday morning.

– Scheduled

The man sitting in the witness box on Tuesday, who was hurt after the indictment snatched away freedom and threats, tells the court he is the deceased’s best friend.

From the witness box, he says he witnessed the murder of his best friend in front of him.

– He stabbed my friend several times. Then he looked at me and said, “I have killed two people now. I have no cost to kill anyone else, “the friend told the court.

The witness says the accused picked up his phone and started photographing the bodies. This was also stated by the Attorney General in his introductory speech.

Stavanger Court House: On Tuesday morning, the deceased's best friend sits in the witness box here.

Stavanger Court House: On Tuesday morning, the deceased’s best friend sits in the witness box here. Photo: Christian Myhre / TV2

After the murder, the defendants photographed the bloodied bodies and sent them by voicemail, the public prosecutor said, adding that the prosecutor was the defendant’s daughter – in – law in Germany.

The witness says he was scared and asked the 43-year-old to allow him to live.

In the end, the accused man should have sat on the sofa and remained silent.

– After smoking and resting for a while, he called the police, the witness says.

The witness also said that many people in the surrounding area contacted the woman on behalf of the accused. He must have been very frustrated by the loss of his wife and asked her friends to convince her to come back to him.

– He said he planned two days for the murder. He then said he had been out of the house since eight o’clock and was watching it, the witness said.

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