October 3, 2022


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- Has made many suggestions - VG

– Has made many suggestions – VG

Espen Rostrup Nakstad indicates a high incidence of infections, especially in eastern Norway. But the home inspection made him unsure of the dark numbers: – The assistant health director says we can only see the top of the iceberg.


Health Minister Ingville Gerkol (Labor) today, Tuesday, Propose more drastic austerity measures. These are new, less contagious measures that can control the spread of infection in the country.

– We have analyzed the situation very carefully and have seen which measures have been taken so far. We have made a number of recommendations, but Knoxstad tells Vijay that the government should weigh these in matters other than the health sector.

He says the Norwegian Directorate of Health has proposed targeted and proportional measures to reverse the epidemic trend, thus reducing the pressure on the health service.

Nakstad points out that with the increased burden over time as a result of the delta virus, high omega distribution and influenza, the situation for health care will become impossible.

– Nice set with activities

– Do you enjoy ringing the alarm without asking?

– No, a lot has happened in recent weeks. But the hard part is, the situation continues to evolve. We need to constantly re-evaluate and find better solutions, says Nuxstad.

He says there is great agreement on what is needed to prevent the spread of the disease.

– We think this would be a good move now, says Nuxstad.

It is not yet clear what activities will be offered on Tuesday afternoon.

Good package: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Naxstad hopes the government will provide a good package of measures on Tuesday afternoon.

The government has already introduced New activities in three stages on December 2nd. Both the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the National Institutes of Public Health believe there is reason for further tightening.

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– Other considerations should be weighed

– There are targeted and proportionate measures aimed at reversing the epidemic in Norway, thus reducing the burden on the health service, which is the main goal of the measures we have proposed, Nuxstad said on Tuesday.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health should look at the health service as a whole and evaluate the efficiency of both hospitals and the municipal health service. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health provides advice on infectious problems.

In several rounds, the Norwegian Directorate of Health has called for tougher corona measures than the government was prepared to introduce, and even more drastically than the FHI recommended for its part.

– The government should take into account other matters besides the health sector. This means we see good, balanced solutions – so the government’s decisions will be slightly different than proposed, says Nuxstad.

Treatment: A patient is receiving intensive care at the Northern Norwegian University Hospital in Tromsø. The picture was taken on November 4th. On Monday, eight corona patients were admitted to the hospital.

– Buy us time

As of Monday, there were 295 corona patients Was admitted to the hospital. 82 of them are in the intensive care unit and 47 of them are in the respiratory tract. Fourteen people are in intensive care compared to the previous day, and two are in the respiratory tract.

In the last 24 hours, 4117 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed. The trend is increasing.

“Unfortunately, we have no control,” Espen Rostrup told Nugstad VG. Monday.

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He thinks Omigran may appear to be a ubiquitous variant in Norway. Since the first outbreak on November 26, more and more people have been infected with the virus.

– Omigron is more contagious than delta and holds a good position, but we do not know enough if you are sick or more or less. Nuxstad says it is important for us to buy time to gain that knowledge.

– Communication reduction measures

– What is most important to reduce the pressure on the Norwegian health service is to reduce the number of close contacts per week. Nuxstad says there should be some mitigation measures.

He thinks about keeping his distance, wearing a mask, staying home and testing himself.

– There may be other target activities where the infection is high – There you eat many.

The Assistant Director of Health emphasizes how important it is for the health department to be able to help anyone other than corona patients during epidemics this winter.

– Fear that other patients will have to wait and surgeries may be postponed. We get a setback that has repercussions for many. With targeted activities, we want to encourage health care.