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A new Italian job? According to several reliable journalists, Eric Bothem agrees with the Italian club Salernitana in a transfer deal. There is only one problem – sporting director Morgan de Sanctis said last week that he should be released from the Russian Football Federation.

Eric Bothem (22) has as the only foreigner in the Russian league to have been chosen to unilaterally terminate his contract. This could lead to the old Krasnodar club being able to oppose the move, explains Roy Vermeer legal director at players’ organization FIFPro – who wholeheartedly supports Botheim.


Bothem was filmed in Italy on Monday. According to transitional journalist Fabrizio Romano, the striker signed a four-year contract with Italian Salernitana and only a medical examination remains. The famous Gianluca Di Marzio announced that this check will take place in Italy on Tuesday.

Sports director Morgan de Sanctis at Italy’s Salernitana says they must release the Norwegian from the Russian Federation before the agreement takes effect.

– Negotiations are underway, but we are confident that an agreement will be reached. Last week, he said, we must first free ourselves from the Russian Federation.

De Sanctis mentions an element specific to Eric Bothem.

When war broke out in Ukraine, FIFA allowed foreign players in the Russian league to suspend their contracts until June 30 this year. Recently, it was reported that this exemption will be extended until June 30, 2023.

Several players, including current Lillestrøm player Magnus Knudsen and Häcken’s Lars Olden Larsen, have taken this opportunity while waiting for the conflict in Ukraine to be resolved. This means that they are free to sign with other clubs, but they must return to their Russian clubs when the exemption period expires.

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Erik Botheim is the only player, as far as VG knows, who has chosen to take it a step further. On May 18, his agent Jim Solbakken confirmed that they did Contract terminated With Russian Krasnodar, as is sign for Late December last year. Swedes Jordan Larsson and Victor Clisson also terminated their Russian contracts, but the decision was mutual.

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Since then, Bothheim has no club. Bothheim’s team argued Article 14 of FIFA’s Transfer Rules, which states that “a contract can be terminated by both parties without consequences of any kind when there is ‘just cause'”.

Agent Jim Solbakken wrote on Instagram: “The illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, and under these circumstances Eric didn’t feel like he had a choice.”

VG tried to get Botheim and his agent Jim Solbakken to comment on the case on Monday night, to no avail. Bothem did not comment on the club’s position following the termination on May 18.

Since FIFA did not grant players an exemption for ending contract only Suspension A potential move to a new club can be food for a lawyer. This was explained by Roy Vermeer, director of legal affairs at international players’ organization FIFPro.

– A player’s new club can request an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the player’s previous club. Vermeer explains that the former club can either grant or oppose this certification.

In plain language, this means that Krasnodar can oppose the possible transfer of Bothem as long as the contract period lasts. Bothem’s contract expires on June 30, 2025.

– We do not comment on this situation, writes Krasnodar in an email to VG.

However, Vermeer is aware that in “99.9 percent” of cases the new player’s club will receive this transfer certificate if it requests FIFA’s intervention.

Vermeer says it’s based on the principle that no player can be required to be at a particular club – meaning FIFA can’t ask for Botheim anywhere.

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The high-ranking FIFPro captain, who has fought hard for players’ ability to terminate contracts, says Bothem’s decision is “completely understandable and logical”. He believes that FIFA’s shortcomings in question show that players are more consumer goods and investments than people and employees.

Eric Bothem has our full support. Vermeer says it would be a shame if any negative consequences could result from his decision to terminate the contract.

FIFA wrote in a statement to VG that the decision to allow players to suspend, but not terminate, contracts was taken to protect both players, clubs and coaches affected by the war in Ukraine.

“These rules give coaches and players the opportunity to train, play and get paid, while at the same time protecting clubs and facilitating travel opportunities for foreign players and coaches from Russia,” a spokesperson said.

They further wrote that any disputes will be dealt with by the relevant FIFA bodies. Choose FIFA Not To answer why players are not allowed to terminate their contracts under current regulations.

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