Håvard Nordtveit, Housing | Football experts want 50 million in Tjuvholmen

Håvard Nordtveit, Housing |  Football experts want 50 million in Tjuvholmen

Håvard Nordtveit and his wife Anna Berg Nordtveit are now selling. The couple formally took possession of the apartment in early June 2021. Then they paid NOK 36.5 million for the 171 square meter exclusive apartment. According to Today’s business The couple bought the apartment sight unseen, NOK 1.5 million above the asking price.

Last year’s vendor was expatriate socialite Lise Beate Himberg Evans. He bought the apartment in the summer of 2019 for NOK 32.75 million. Netavisen wrote in January 2020 In 2019 Evans accounted for the most expensive property purchase in NorwayMeasured in price per square meter, NOK 195,000.

Now, a year later, Nordtveit and his wife want a whopping NOK 50 million, NOK 292,000 per square meter. Then we sniff Norway and the Nordic square footage record again (see more below).

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top spot

The address is the exclusive Kavringen Brygge 6 in Tjuvholmen. The apartment faces south-west towards Tjuvholmen so there is perfect afternoon sun. Oslofjord is the neighbor on the outside.

Next to Kavringen Brygge is a small bathing bay towards the Astrup Fearnley Museum. In front of the luxury complex is a jetty with a diving board.

In total, the pair could make a profit of up to NOK 14 million. As they hold the flat for more than one year, the profit is also tax-deductible. That means: The sale must take place or be agreed upon within one year (12 months) of the purchase of the home. The owner must have used the property as a home for at least one year in the last two years.

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But in short-term ownership, a lot has been spent on an apartment that is almost ten years old. It is located on the fourth floor and was completed in 2013. According to the sale advertisement, the apartment is newly renovated and comprises entrance hall, living room/kitchen, two corridors, laundry room, two bathrooms/WC, two bedrooms. and a dressing room.

On Monday evening, Nettavisen tried to contact broker Dag-Rune Kristiansen at Privatmegleren without getting a response.

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Even at the top

With a suggested price of NOK 50 million, we are close to the square meter record in the Nordics. There is some debate about this. An opos apartment in Majorstuva can fetch a record NOK 294,000 per square meter, 33 million asking price was paid.

Netavisen recently wrote a Penthouse on Tjuvholmen could set a new price record If it goes for an asking price of NOK 31 million.

According to broker Anders Kvernberg at Privatmegleren, the sale price was 29.5 million. According to Kvernberg, this is a new square meter record in the region and corresponds to NOK 278,000. If Nordveit and his wife get what they expect, the Tjuvholmen record will be broken.

Quernberg says otherwise, it’s great to see a condo that’s just been sold. People of all ages attended the screening, and both families with children, singles and couples showed interest. There were many bidders, and the sale process lasted more than four hours, according to Kvernberg.

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Race in the area

Håvard Nordtveit and his wife have been very active in Oslo’s most expensive residential areas. Not long ago the couple sold an apartment in Dyna Brygge for 28.5 million after paying 23 million.

Nordtveit (32) has played 52 A internationals for Norway. He has an extensive club career behind him after making his debut for Haugesund 15 years ago. Nordtveit moved to clubs such as Arsenal, Nürnberg and Borussia Mönchengladbach and played for Bundesliga club Hoffenheim in the years 2017-2022.

He ended up at the club this summer after playing for a short time and also underwent surgery on a hamstring injury. Elite Series club Haugesund could be suitable when the City boy is ready again in the autumn.

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