June 10, 2023


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Have a nice weekend, Larvik | Liberation Day – What does today mean to us?

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Many still remember the war and what it was like. I have heard many stories from my grandparents and others who passed in that time. One of the most famous images is from Oslo where we see people celebrating and the king driving through the streets in 1945. I feel some joy as they shout: “We are free, we are free. We won.”

Tomorrow, May 8th, is Norway’s official Flag Day. It is a memorial day for the veterans of World War II, and for those serving in the United Nations forces and other international operations.

It is now 78 years since the first celebration of the end of the war. For me, Liberation Day is a reminder that I live in a free and democratic Norway. We have easily taken this for granted. But it is not. We cannot help but look at Ukraine and Sudan today. In gratitude, I send some thoughts to those who fought for my freedom and the freedom of all my descendants.

We just celebrated Easter. Reminds us of a man who freed us. Jesus did it for you and me. I put my hope in this. A 13-year-old girl said to me after Easter: “It’s unbelievable what Jesus did for me. I really can’t understand it!”. Do we really understand that Jesus died for us on Calvary? You made me believe he gave his life for me. We have been set free.

The Spirit Himself bears witness to our souls and says that we are God’s children. But if we are children, we are also heirs. We are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ if we suffer with Him. Then we will share glory with Him (Rom. 8.16-17).

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This means that we who believe in Jesus as our Savior are the brothers and heirs of Jesus. We will participate in the kingdom of God.

Then I would like to thank everyone who made it so that I could live in a free Norway, but also my almighty God for sending His Son Jesus for me.

Prayer: Lord our God, we pray for all those affected by wars in the world. Bring your hope and freedom to the people involved. You are the one who knows everyone and loves everyone. We pray for peace in the world.