Have to travel for two days

Have to travel for two days

– I have books, music and audiobook with me, so I’m excited. Fortunately, there is a good view outside the window, says Helen Vikingsstad (23) to Dagbladet.

Vikingsstad, from Sola in Rocheland, was visiting a friend in Tromso over the weekend. On Sunday night she was to go to Bergen’s house.

Like many in Tromsø, Vikingstad had his flight canceled ten minutes before boarding, as a result of an aviation technician’s strike.

– There were many who were frustrated and abandoned. The news came that I would be refunding, but I was unable to book the flight again. I could not stay overnight in a hotel or get money for food, he says.

It was NRK Trams and Finmark The case was first mentioned.

– Length of Norway

Vikingsstad immediately began searching for more flights from Tromsø to Bergen, but after several days no flights were available. In addition, the tickets are at least four times more expensive than the airline ticket she bought for 1200 kroner.

So, she chose to change both the itinerary and the transportation route to get to Bergen. So you can continue your journey home by bus on Monday morning.

Speaking to Dockblade Vikingstad, she was on the train from Trondheim to Oslo, very close to Storren station. From Oslo, the journey continues to Bergen, where he first arrives on Wednesday at 06.00am. Then the journey by transport took 43 hours and Vikingstot is 60 hours by road.

Bus: After many canceled flights, many like Vikingsstad had to find alternative travel plans.  Photo: Private

Bus: After many canceled flights, many like Vikingsstad had to find alternative travel plans. Photo: Private
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– As many trains were late, I arrived in Bergen later than planned. Luckily, I have a vacation, so traveling for several days is okay, he says.

The journey home, which had to go by plane for a few hours, turned into three buses and three trains.

– I travel almost all over Norway, she says.

Nevertheless, Vikingstad is very upset that the travel price tag has tripled over the original price. Now he has gone home with 3600 kroner, which he describes as a significant sum for him as a student.

She tells Doppled that in fact many of those who were going to travel with her plane ended up getting on the bus to board.

Delay after strike

On Tuesday morning, Labor Minister Marte Mjos Bersen (Labor Party) The Compulsory Pay Board decided on the conflict Between aviation technicians at the Norwegian Aeronautical Engineers’ Organization (NFO) and other NHOs at Loftford. Thus, the aviation technicians’ strike came to an end.

Nevertheless, there are still major delays in air travel. Since Tromsø, many flights have been fully booked and prices have skyrocketed. Many airlines do not have departures until the weekend.

Informs both as a result of the strike Widerøe and Norwegian they will still struggle with setbacks.

Lockout: The Consumer Council says that more than one air ticket can be withdrawn. Video: Dagbladet TV. Host: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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– It will take several days, and it could take weeks for us to get to where there is no conflict, says Catherine Solley, communications manager for NTB at Widerøe, after the aviation technician ended up with the conflict pay panel.

Widerøe had to cancel several hundred departures as a result of the conflict, and will continue to fight backbacks to get everything back.

– Passengers can now re-book new flights. During the strike, we were only able to cancel, the communications manager explains the difference between front and back.

The Norwegian says they expect some setbacks in technical maintenance.

– The goal is still to complete all flights in the project, the company writes in a press release.

In addition, there are high expectations that SAS pilots will go on strike from June 29 if the pilots and SAS fail to come to an agreement.

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