He admits that the RBK board of directors ignored the advice of the sports director

He admits that the RBK board of directors ignored the advice of the sports director

On July 1, the search for Rosenborg’s coach began, when Aji Haridi announced that he would not extend his contract.

First choice Kjetil Knudsen did not allow himself to move away from Bodø/Glimt, while Milos Milojevic traveled to Trondheim only to be turned down by RBK’s board and then fired by Swedish employer Hammarby.

Finally, the club reached Kjetil Rekdal, who was introduced as the new coach at 13.00 yesterday.

– We had a good time for once, which means we had to work well. We have some alternatives that we met and studied, and in the end we got to Kjetil (Rekdal), CEO Ivar Koteng tells TV 2.

New coaching team: Kjetil Rekdal and Geir Frigård move from HamKam to Rosenborg. Photo: Frank Lervik/Screen Story

Timely though: The guy who got the job wasn’t contacted until recently.

– That was probably about 14 days ago, probably, says Cotting.

– Do you feel that you were in a tidy process, considering that you called Rikdal before you contacted Hammam?

– Yes, it is difficult to do such an operation without talking to people. Some might claim that it wasn’t. But in practical life it will be so. As soon as we spoke to him (Rekdal), we called Hamkam right away. So far we have had a good and nice relationship with HamKam.

love honesty

The chairman traveled personally to Hamar and met HamKam management last week, Don Dorsen, before returning to Trondheim and meeting the board of directors on Thursday. Cotting also drove to Furness and boarded Keitel Ryckdal at the airport on Sunday afternoon.

– What did you like most about Rekdal?

Kjetil Rekdal is ready for Rosenberg

Charity is simple and easy to relate to. Cotting says he’s a very good soccer player.

Rekdal is more pragmatic than closing in on one formation, without there being any cause for concern for a club that got a 4-3-3 as a result.

– He’s never been so cautious, only the press can write about him. What interests us is offensive and entertaining football, Cotting says, it is very important.

– Is Rekdal an ambassador for that?

– Yes, we think that things will go well.

Not the sports director’s choice

Is it the council or the sports director that refers to the coach?

– There is no doubt that the council decides who will train Rosenborg. So the case is that the athletic director does the assessments until it comes to the board table.

Was Ryckdale the sporting director’s choice?

Not heard: Sports director Mikael Dorsen.  Photo: Frederic Hagen

Not heard: Sports director Mikael Dorsen. Photo: Frederic Hagen

– It is the council that chooses, as I said. The Sports Director does a thorough analysis of the various candidates we agree to move forward with. It’s not that the athletic director chooses a coach.

Was there a match between the position of the sports director now and the choice of the board of directors?

– It’s not always like that, which is very good. Because then we have good discussions from a professional point of view which leads to us having a better choice. That was also the case this time, Cotting says.

The club thinks this will be the best

Sporting director Mikael Dorsen uses the phrase “the club believes this will be the best” in relation to Rijkdal’s appointment.

Was there a match between the recommendation of a new coach and the decision of the board of directors?

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– In a long process, there is a lot discussed. There are many names and many meetings. Then it comes down to everyone doing what they think is best for Rosenborg, and that’s what everyone wants. Now we are here, and the club thinks this will be the best. Then we just have to work for it to be so. I’m glad I’ve been able to keep up with the last few days with staffing, training camp planning and everything, and now we’ve got a guy you can discuss and work with we’re better off with, says Dorsen.

Here’s the shortest way to reach the top

– Milos Milojevic was picked up when he arrived. What is your version of what happened next?

– In the process of searching for a coach, it is a process in which you meet different candidates. What happens in the conference room is not something we need to comment on, it will be between the parties. Now Kjetil is here, we’re happy about it, and now we have to look forward and get better on and off the field.

– Was your impression when you chose Milojevic that he was mostly looking at the terms and accepting the contract?

– Like I said, in the process you keep it between the parties. Now the decision has been made with Kjetil and we are very happy with it. Then we will move on and start working hard to get better next season. Out of respect for everyone, it is not necessary to comment on what happened in the past, it does not matter now.

Here Milojevic in Trondheim

– But what do you think about the expulsion of Milos Milojevic in Hammarby after his trip to Trondheim?

– I can’t comment on it, I focus on what’s going on here right now.

– How involved are you in the final process of appointing Kjetil Rekdal?

– We’ve had many meetings in recent weeks. This is teamwork, so everything we do, we do to get the best for Rosenborg. Now we’re glad he’s in place.

– What do you think makes Kjetil Rekdal a good choice for Rosenborg?

– First, he has experience as a great player and coach. You won the series with Vålerenga and the cup with Aalesund, and when you come here, it’s good that you won something. At the same time, he knows Rosenborg well from the outside, and we think he knows very well what to expect when you step on Lerkendal from the public, fans and players. Dorsen answers: He comes here with confidence after a good season and a promotion with Hamkam, where they scored a lot of goals and improved game by game in terms of play.

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