He asks for nearly 500,000 crowns from Elon Musk

He asks for nearly 500,000 crowns from Elon Musk

to stop tracking his private plane.

American college student Jack Sweeney got a call last spring from Elon Musk, after the student created a Twitter account that tracks the entrepreneur’s private jet, according to reports. protocol.

«ElonJetIt is one of the total 15 tracking accounts created by the 19-year-old. In addition to Musk, he also mentioned activity on private jets, among others, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos.

But the Mask Tracking Site is said to be the most popular. At the time of writing, the Twitter account has over 198,000 followers. There is between Elon Musk himself.

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‘Can you remove this?’ “It’s a security risk,” Musk wrote in an instant message like Sweeney. He further indicated that he was not interested in being “taken out” by a lunatic who could see this information.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur will ask Sweeney what he earned from the tracking account, which he set up in June 2020. Sweeney stated that it was less than $20 a month.

Musk must then offer the student $5,000 to close the account. But that clearly wasn’t enough to tempt Sweeney. Then he responded to the Tesla owner;

“Is there any way to increase that to $50,000?” It would have been a great support to my studies, and may have made it possible for me to buy a car, perhaps even a Model 3. ”

Musk replied that he should consider Sweeney’s proposal.

But he has not been heard from since.

Thus, Sweeney has now chosen to publicize his story.

Something he thinks is in an interview with him interested in trade. There he says that because Musk chose to go the other way on his show by not allowing himself to express his opinions, he felt it was right to come up with it.

Musk is said to have used some of the technical advice he received from Sweeney to make tracking the private jet more difficult.

(source: protocolAnd EngadgetAnd interested in trade)

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