He believes Apple will do as we hope and now the HomePod is getting a significant upgrade to the iPhone

He believes Apple will do as we hope and now the HomePod is getting a significant upgrade to the iPhone

Voice recognition launched on HomePod and HomePod mini.

Notifies iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The smoke detector howls

This means that the speakers on your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) can alert you if one or more speakers hear a fire alarm. Therefore, this is not a replacement for a fire alarm (although the second generation and mini have a temperature gauge), which is an important point. In addition to the real-time notification, an icon will appear in the Home app if it hears something.

A neat trick is that HomeKit cameras in the same area will activate themselves and stream video of the event. Siri will announce to anyone in the house that the owner is investigating.

Apple says it will do as we hope

As always, we also have Apple rumors to deliver: the most advanced iPhone camera ever, the one found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. We’ve been hearing for over a year about a telescope camera about this, and just that (next year’s 15 Pro), but now we know more. It gets 5x to 6x optical zoom — a big upgrade from the 3x optical of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We don’t know yet how much digital zoom it will get.

At the same time, there is a rumor of a significantly upgraded interface in the Apple Watch starting with watchOS 10, which will be launched in September. We’ve heard that before. What’s new is that we know more: folders on the home screen. Even more exciting is that it could mean a completely new interface reminiscent of an iPhone, with widgets and all. This is exactly what Parker Ortolani made a week ago. We also think this is something Apple should do, titled “This seems like an obvious improvement that Apple should do.”

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