He claims to have killed 600 Ukrainian soldiers

He claims to have killed 600 Ukrainian soldiers

This was claimed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Sunday afternoon, according to Reuters. He claimed that 600 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the missile attack.

This was rejected by the Ukrainian authorities this afternoon, Sunday.

news agency Reuters who was at the site, wrote on Sunday afternoon that a missile attack on Kramatorsk caused damage, but that the buildings where the soldiers were allegedly killed were not destroyed and that there were no visible signs of deaths.

Russia described the attack as revenge after a Ukrainian attack on a Russian military base on New Year’s Eve.

Defense Minister: Serge Chugo. Photo: NTB
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Russia’s Defense Ministry said it had bombed a temporary Ukrainian barracks in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine, with a missile attack.

– As a result of the massive missile attack on these temporary settlements of Ukrainian forces, more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, according to a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, NTB writes.

The news agency also wrote that the mayor of Kramatorsk refused, and that he wrote on Facebook on Sunday that no one was killed in the Russian attacks on several buildings Sunday night.

On New Year’s Eve, the Ukrainian army bombed a school in the town of Makezhevka in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region. The school was used as a barracks for Russian soldiers.

The attack has been described as one of the bloodiest of the war in Ukraine. Ukraine has claimed more than 400 Russian soldiers killed, while Russia has reported 89 deaths in its ranks.

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