He compares MAGA to ‘quasi-fascism’ – VG

He compares MAGA to 'quasi-fascism' - VG
Putting themselves in the fray: President Joe Biden in Rockville, Maryland on Friday.

President Joe Biden has vehemently opposed what he calls “MAGA Republicans,” while at the same time he came with the promise of offensive weapons.


The president spoke to supporters in Maryland during the campaign trail for the November 8 midterm elections.

There he said 81 million Americans voted to save democracy in 2018.

– Therefore, Donald Trump is not just a former president. He is a defeated ex-president.

Now you need to vote to save democracy again. The same messages were echoed on Twitter.

Biden also warns of what he refers to as MAGA Republicans.

– My father used to say “Don’t compare me to the Great God. Compare me to the alternative,” he wrote on Twitter.

Well, the alternative to the Democrats is the Republicans from MAGA, writes the president.

– America must choose. you have to choose. Whether our country should move forward or backward.

Sleeves rolled up: CNN, not uncommonly pro-Democrats, refers to Biden’s campaign run as a ‘strong start’

And during his speech in Maryland, he accused the Republican Party of choosing “a retrograde full of hate, violence and division.”

According to CNN, he spoke before the election rally with donors in Maryland, where he used provocative words about the MAGA movement.

He believes that what we see now is either the beginning or the death knell of the “extreme MAGA philosophy”.

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Not just Trump. It’s the whole philosophy that underpins it, I’ll say something now: it’s kind of like quasi-fascism.

These statements do not fit spokesman Nathan Brand, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

– gross. Biden has taken Americans away from their jobs, funneled money from hard-working families to Harvard lawyers, and pushed our country into recession while people lack the money to buy gas and food. Democrats don’t care about Americans’ suffering – they never do.

At the same time as the speech, there are reports that President Biden’s government will ban assault weapons if Democrats retain majorities in the House and Senate after this fall’s midterm elections.

Historically, a party with a president loses seats in Congress during midterm elections. So the chances are good that the Republicans will be able to win a majority in the House and the Senate after the election.

Nor does it help Democrats that Biden in the polls He has emerged in recent weeks as one of the least popular American presidents of all time.

The Democrats now have a slim majority in the House, while the Senate is divided in two, but the president’s vote gives the Democrats a majority.

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