December 1, 2022


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He didn’t leave Liverpool because the salary was too low

Sadio Mane’s public relations agent, Bakary Cisse, has come out and refuted rumors that the Senegalese left Liverpool because his salary was too poor.

Mane’s six years at Liverpool, after he completed his £35m move to Bayern Munich, ended this week. But the fact that the striker chose not to sign a new contract with Liverpool has nothing to do with the salary terms at Anfield.

In an interview with TV5Monde, Cisse was asked if Mane was offered a poor salary at Liverpool.

– These rumors are false. We didn’t want to talk about it. A player of Sadio’s caliber cannot earn the sums people are talking about. The answer was the numbers being circulated completely wrong.

Sadio has already earned more than that when he joined Liverpool from Southampton. He added that he extended his contract in 2018, and his salary in Liverpool was much higher than the amounts circulated in the media.

Ballon d’Or nominee

The Senegalese participated in winning the FA Cup and the League Cup in his last season at Anfield, and also reached the Champions League final, which he lost to Real Madrid. The Reds also just finished the point behind Premier League winners Manchester City. Mane may have the chance to win the Ballon d’Or, after Senegal won the African Championship.

– Sadio doesn’t want to talk too much about it. It’s an individual prize that players want to win. If that happens, it will, but if it doesn’t, Sadio will continue to play his football, Cisse says on the matter.

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