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Mohammed Azam Malik (til venstre) er onkelen til Arfan Bhatti, som er internasjonalt etterlyst.

For the past few months, Urban Bhatti has been staying in a small village outside Gujrat, Pakistan.

The police interrogated the grandmother in Norway. They accused him Participation An act of terrorism after shootings outside two nightclubs in Oslo. 2 people were killed and 21 injured in the incident.

On September 23, the Oslo Police District claimed to be a Norwegian citizen International demand.

Several Norwegian media wrote that Patti must have been arrested by Pakistani authorities. According to Pinposton Bhatti was arrested on Monday, September 26.

Now Urban’s grandmother’s family is speaking for the first time about what happened on Monday. Today, a local journalist on behalf of NRK met Patty’s family.

The journalist meets Padti’s uncle and cousin in the area where Padti is said to have lived recently.

– On the morning of 26th September, he accompanied the children to drop them off at school. Since then he has been missing without a trace. “We have no information about his whereabouts,” Mohammad Azam Malik told NRK.

Malik Urban is Patti’s maternal uncle. Local politician Hafiz Malik also confirmed this to NRK.

Urban calls his grandmother

Malik said the family had sent a wanted notice to the local police.

NRK has access to the missing report. There, the family narrates how Grandma went missing and asks for help to find her again.

– We have filed a police complaint. I request the authorities to think about his children. They are concerned. Wherever he is, he needs to get information about it, Mama tells NRK.

In the letter, the family also described sending an audio message on the same Monday that the grandmother was reported missing.

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Buddy allegedly sent the message four hours after she allegedly left her home with the children.

In an audio message sent on WhatsApp, the grandmother reportedly told her cousin to pick up the children from school and take them home.

– I am going to Lahore now, Patti is reported to have said.

According to a letter sent by the family to the local police, the grandmother allegedly sent a message to 1245 on Monday.

The letter, handwritten by the family, states that Urban’s grandmother must have gone missing on September 26. It also states how he would have left an audio message to 1245 later that day. The family has sent a letter to the local police reporting that the grandmother is missing.

Photo: Private/NRK

Silence from the police

The family has not yet received any response from the authorities regarding the grandmother’s whereabouts.

NRK was also silenced by Pakistani police officers. NRK spoke to the Federal Police FIA ​​(Federal Investigation Agency), which handles international wanted information.

The director of the FIA ​​in Gujarat had promised to come back with the information on Wednesday last week. Since then it has been completely quiet.

The Ministry of Home Affairs administers the FIA. On Wednesday last week, local journalist Waqar Gilani asked the Home Minister on behalf of NRK whether Urban Bhatti was arrested.

– About this, I have no first hand information. But if you are interested in it, I can check the matter and get back to you,” Rana Sanaullah replied in a live press conference.

Pakistan Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said it was not known whether Pati had been arrested.

Photo: Geo News / Screenshot

Sanaullah is the supreme commander of all police forces and is responsible for law and order in the country.

NRK has since contacted Interior Minister Ali Nawaz Malik’s press manager. As of late Friday afternoon, the ministry had no word on the response.

should be produced

Urban’s grandmother’s uncle asks his son-in-law to be taken into custody if he is involved in illegal activities.

– Mohammad Azam Malik tells NRK that if he is involved in something, he should be produced so that we know where he is.

According to her bodyguard Sven Holden, the grandmother has denied any connection to the mass shooting in Oslo.

– Holden tells NRK today that I have no new information regarding this matter.

In an email to NRK today, Ingvild Myrold, police prosecutor in the Oslo Police District, writes that the police are in talks with Pakistani authorities and the Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan to confirm whether or not the grandmother has been arrested.

Mirold writes that police have yet to receive official confirmation of the arrest.

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