He gives a large package of weapons, but does not promise Ukraine modern tanks

He gives a large package of weapons, but does not promise Ukraine modern tanks

Many NATO countries are warning of large-scale arms transfers to Ukraine after today’s summit in Germany. But there is currently no indication of a significant supply of Western tanks, which Ukraine has repeatedly requested.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chief of the General Staff Mark A. Milley held a press conference after the meeting at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where the topic of military support to Ukraine was.

On Friday, the so-called NATO contact group met at the US Air Force Base Ramstein in Germany. Thirty NATO countries were among the participants, and the meeting was opened by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

At the meeting, future military assistance to Ukraine was discussed. Among other things, Ukraine requested Western tanks to defend itself against Russia’s all-out war of aggression against the country, which has been going on since February 2022 and has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

The US Secretary of Defense said at a press conference on Friday afternoon that the United States will send 8 Avenger air defense systems, 59 Bradley personnel carriers, 90 Stryker armored vehicles, 350 Humvees and mine-resistant vehicles to Ukraine.

– Several other countries are coming in with donations that would help Ukraine defend the country, says Austin. He received various donations from European NATO countries that became known over the course of the week.

Among other things, Sweden announced on Thursday that it will deliver 50 CV90 armored personnel carriers, which are considered a very powerful weapon in its class.

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The Swedes will send 50 CV90 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. The CV90 is also used by the Norwegian Armed Forces. The photo shows one of these in Rina.

Stoltenberg: Welcomes the new arms package

Just before the press conference tweeted NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg He “welcomes” what he refers to as the comprehensive new package of military aid.

He added, “Russia is preparing to launch new attacks, so it is important to strengthen support for Ukraine to recover the occupied territories.

– Today, Ukraine was promised several hundred armored vehicles – armored personnel carriers, but also some tanks, says Stoltenberg to NRK.

So far, only the UK has said it is ready to supply its own tanks. These are produced by the British themselves and are called Challenger 2.

When NRK asked him what Ukrainians wanted most, he answered as follows.

– There are air defenses and heavier armored vehicles. They get both parts, Stoltenberg says.

In recent days, promises of more weapons have poured in from many countries. These include, among others, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and artillery. On Thursday, the United States and Britain announced major arms packages for the war-torn country.

But the promises of modern tanks were largely absent. The exception is the United Kingdom, which has announced that it will send the British Challenger 2.

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No promise of Leopard delivery

German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz was reluctant to deliver Leopard tanks, a type used by many NATO countries.

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It also meant that the Germans would have to agree to it if other countries wanted to send any of their Leopard tanks.

Ukraine wants German Leopard tanks. So far, there are no indications that they will ever get this.

Reuters reported Friday afternoon that no promise of German-made tanks to Ukraine was made during the meeting. This is what Polish Defense Minister Maroz Blaszczak told Rnyhetsbyrå.

Other NATO countries have concerns when it comes to contributing modern tanks and other high-tech weapons systems. The fear is that the war may escalate and that NATO will eventually be drawn directly into hostilities.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is not impressed that the decision-making process is being delayed.

– You are adults. You might argue for another six months, but people are dying in our country. Quite simply: can you supply a Leopard tank or not? Give it to us in this case, says exceptionally blunt Zelenskyj in an interview with the German ARD.

Defense Minister Gram: – He took note of the request

The Norwegian Minister of Defense, Bjorn Arild Gramm, cannot promise to provide any tank support to Ukraine. But he made a wish.

I do not comment on future donations. But Ukraine clearly needs many different weapons, and tanks are clearly something they want, Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gramm (Sp) says on the phone to NTB after the summit in Ramstein in Germany.

Representatives from 50 countries discussed arms support to Ukraine.

– Another capability that ranks high on Ukraine’s list is air defense, in light of terrorist bombing by Russia, Gramm says, and points to Norwegian donations for this.

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