– He had no choice – VG

- He had no choice - VG
Heatmaker: Ed Sheeran, here at the BRIT Awards in London in February.

Ed Sheeran (31) explains that the plagiarism trial was not about money, but about defending the truth.


After many years of bitter song disagreements and Several weeks of settlement At the High Court of London, Sheeran went on Wednesday victorious out.

The pop star was accused of copying Sami Shoukry’s “Oh Why” in 2015, and using excerpts from the song “Shape of You” in 2017. But the judge Thus, he believed in Sheeran’s interpretation.

Now Sheeran is speaking publicly for the first time after the score. In an interview with BBC The 31-year-old explains that the legal process has been long and demanding.

– But I had no choice. You can get a judgment in court, or you can go to a settlement. But when you do it Veterinarian Dr You’re right, so in principle you can’t accept a settlement. You can’t, says the artist.

about money

According to the BBC, Sheeran’s earnings on “Shape of You” are estimated to be around 240 million NOK. That amount has been frozen since 2018, when Shukri and producer Ross O’Donoghue first made the allegations.

– When all royalties were frozen, we had two options. Sheeran says, we chose the desired option.

– This isn’t about money. Is that true It’s not about money. We had to go to court and stand up for what was real.

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Defendant Sheeran, fellow songwriter John McDade, participated in the TV interview. He says that the case affected the soul.

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This isn’t the first time Sheeran and McDaid have been accused of plagiarizing songs. In 2017, he entered into a settlement of more than 170 million kroner after an argument over a “photo”. Sheeran regrets that now.

Reveals a new way

To insure himself from ending up in similar situations again, he is now beginning to immortalize all his songwriting sessions.

– Now I photograph everything. It’s all in a movie. If there are accusations now, we can only show the recordings for people to see. Sheeran says they want to see that there is nothing to find.

“Shape of You” topped the charts all over the world in 2017, approx billion plays In less than half a year, it has since broken the record as Spotify’s most played song of all time.

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