May 21, 2022


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He helped Apple leave Intel, and now he's working with them

He helped Apple leave Intel, and now he’s working with them

Jeff Wilcox has worked with Apple devices for over eight years. Now it has been intercepted by Intel.

How terrifying is this for Apple?

Wilcox returned to Intel after a long spell at Apple where he was significant in the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon.

Wilcox was so important to Apple in the move to the M1, at least if we are to believe the former Apple employee’s LinkedIn profile, that he is described as having led the way with the transition with all Macs from Intel to Apple Silicon. He also co-developed the T2 security chip.

At Intel, Wilcox also received a high position, which in many ways confirms that he was important to Apple: he became an “Intel Fellow” and head of technology in the engineering group.

This isn’t the first time Wilcox has worked for Intel

More specifically, Wilcox, who worked at Intel from 2010 to 2013, and then with PC chips, would be responsible for “the type-cutter for all SoCs (system on a chip) for all Intel customer segments”.

Apple has had huge success with its CPU and GPU solutions for Mac with Johnny Srouji in charge of the hardware. Like Srouji, Wilcox helped lay the groundwork for the platform — and now it’s up to Apple to keep the momentum going with the right employees.

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