He killed his wife with 30 stab wounds. He denies the criminal charge.

He killed his wife with 30 stab wounds.  He denies the criminal charge.

He first stabbed his wife several times with a knife at the couple’s home in Manglerud. Then he cut her throat and went to the police station, 300 meters away. The trial began on Tuesday in the Oslo District Court.

Police went to Manglerud in Oslo in March last year after a woman was found dead. The trial of the woman’s husband began on Tuesday.

Status updated

According to the charge sheet, the wife was murdered at the couple’s house next door at 11.30am eleven months ago. The house is 300 meters from Manglerud Police Station. At 12 o’clock the husband, who is in his thirties, showed up at the police station. There he talked about murder.

The police quickly went to the place of residence. There they find a dead woman of the same age. The indictment stated that he “stabbed and cut N.N. more than 30 times in the head, neck and chest with a knife.”

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old’s trial began in Oslo District Court.

After prosecutor Ann-Christine Stoltz-Weinersten read the indictment, the man was asked whether or not he pleaded guilty. Then he answered

– no.

Then the man’s advocate, lawyer Ace Karin Siegmund, added that he accepts the actual relationship.

Defendant: Acted as a last resort

In his introductory presentation, the state’s attorney explained the background to the case.

– The accused himself went to Manglerud Police Station at 11.50 on 21 March. Prosecutor Wennersten said there he said he came to the police because of a murder.

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Then the police went to the scene and found the deceased lying on the floor of the apartment. There was no one else in the apartment.

There were large amounts of blood on the deceased. Three knives were found near the deceased.

In an interview on March 31, the man explained that he was acting as an emergency guardian.

He refuses to explain his position in court and asks the prosecutor to play an audio file of his interview with the police.

– said the Prosecutor: – We know little of his motives, other than that he made it clear that he was an emergency trustee.

Accused: It is not an honor killing

So the police investigated if there were other motives. Among other things, whether there can be so-called honor killings. According to the public prosecutor, the couple were cousins ​​of Pakistani descent. The public prosecutor also said in court that the deceased wanted to divorce the defendants.

Social anthropology professor Oni Wikan is an expert witness in the case. Among other things, you will give her an assessment of the point about honor killings.

When the floor was given to the man’s advocate, Ase Karin Siegmund, she refused that it was an honor killing.

– If it were not for a non-Norwegian race, I would not have concluded that this is an honor killing, says Sigmund.

She believes that it was his wife’s attack that caused the accident that eventually led to her death.

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